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Are you thinking about a headphone gifts or giving a set of headphones as a present to a loved one?

Radio Headphones are basically a pair of transducers. Its primary job is to receive electrical signal from a particular media player and convert that into audible sound waves. The headsets that serve the purposes of telecommunication combine the functions of headphones and microphone. This type of headset is used in mobile phone, as this basically helps in two-way communication.

Headphones are attached to home theater, CD or DVD player, etc. Headphones are also used with portable gadgets like, digital audio player or mp3 player, mobile phone, etc. Headphones can definitely be used with the personal computers to listen to music.

Cordless head phones provide you enough room to move while enjoying your favorite music. Using wireless technology, it helps communicating through gadgets like, Bluetooth, radio (analogue FM), Wi-Fi, etc. Portable or self-contained head phones are equipped with radio receiver and powered with battery.

The major application of head phones can be seen in the professional audio sector. Particular types of headphones are used by disk jockeys or DJs in radio stations. The DJs turn off the speakers while talking to the microphone. This act reduces feedback effectively. Sound engineers wear head phones to detect individual tunes from a group of tunes that are being heard by the audience.

There are three basic types of headphones, viz, circumaural headphones, Canal phones Circumaural and Ear buds or Earphones. Circumaural headphones are equipped with pads which go round your ears. The device is large but comfortable on ears. This device is generally used in recording studios.

Supra-aural headphones are almost similar to the circumaural ones. The only difference is that the ear pads go on top of the ear. This function reduces weight and size of the device. Some of those have circled pads, just as circumaural headphones, but smaller.

People, who are wondering what to gift a gizmo-freak friend, can opt for a trendy, nice head phone. Different types of head phones are available in the market to suit different people's requirements. Just go for the one that is apt for the person you want to gift. The readers of Theydeserveit who are on the look out for trendy head phones with high efficiency are advised to select from Dynamic "PORTASOUND" cordless headphone with FM radio, Frontech headset with MIC JIL 3465, Sony MDR-E922 SP ear plug head phones, NOKIA portable audio adapter cable-AD, etc.

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