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MP3 Accessories

An MP3 player makes the perfect gift or present for the young and older friend and family in your life.

A gift of an MP3 player is the gift of music which is customizable and can last a lifetime.

Presently with the introduction of MP3 players, life has become more colorful and spiced up for the new generation gadget geeks. MP3 players coming in a variety of models and versions also require different important accessories and help in the maintenance and enhancement of theMP3 players. Explore the interesting facts about MP3 players and MP3 accessories as theydeserveit gives you an interesting and colorful account about the same.

MP3 player is also known as (DAP) or digital audio player. The audio device of MP3 player, stores, organizes and plays digital music files. MP3 players tend to play music files with the formats such as Windows Media Audio (WMA), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). Apple being one of the key producers of MP3 players and MP3 accessories has made them the most sought after gift items in the market nowadays. There are 3 types of digital audio players, which are: Flash-based Players, Hard Drive-based Players or Digital Jukeboxes, MP3 CD Players.

The MP3 accessories are important elements for the proper maintenance and up grading of the music system. The various MP3 accessories, which form an integral part of the primary audio system, are:

  • Portable Speaker / Audio System For I pod & All Mp3 Player, White
  • Creative Earphone EP 185 For Apple I pod
  • Belkin F8z060 Sports Sleeve For I pod Nanos (Black)
  • Etymotic Research Er6i Isolator Earphones (Black)
  • Mobile FM Transmitter- plug in the transmitter into the headphone jack of I pod, PDA, MP3, and CD players etc. enjoy your music.
  • II FM Transmitter- its programmable memory makes it easy to find the right station and enjoy clear sound quality at any location.
  • Cassette Adapter- just plug your portables into your car's in-dash cassette player and it works with your MP3, CD, or cassette player, to deliver high-quality sound on the road.
  • Mini-Stereo Cable- connect the portable MP3, I Pod, I Pod docking cradle, and other and CD players to computer sound cards, portable speakers, or car stereos with the help of an auxiliary input.

  • Mini-Stereo Extension Cable- this connects your I Pod and other portable audio devices and extends your playing distance by up to six feet. Attach one end of the Cable into the mini-stereo jacks and the other to the existing cable and your system is all set to rock.
  • Speaker and Headphone Splitter- this lets you connect two stereo headphones or speakers to the same mini-stereo jack on the portable CD, MP3, DVD player, or your I Pod device. Just plug the Splitter into the headphone jack of the I Pod or other portable stereo device and plug two sets of headphones into the Splitter's ports, its ready for use.
  • Car Holder for Dell DJ MP3 player- this provides security and stability, along with flexible construction for a perfect fit in your car's cup-holder.

Presently along with the MP3 players even the MP3 accessories have become important constituents for gifting purpose and men simply adore these accessories as they simply enhance and improve the workings of their most loved and adored MP3 players.

These are just a few of the gift ideas and presents which can be given that are associated with MP3 players. Make the right MP3 player gift selection and you will present the perfect gift to your friend or family.

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