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Garden Plant Gifts


Garden Plant Gifts

Gifting garden plants is always a great pleasure, since it serves as living reminders of your love and thoughtfulness for someone you care. Whether you desire to gift an elegant cascading plant, a beautiful bromeliad or an ambient bonsai plant, garden plant gifts are an ideal present for people of all ages. Garden plants also serve as a great teaching gift for children as they learn about nature and our responsibilities towards nurturing the Earth by growing plants and trees.

Whether gifting to a beginner or an experienced gardener, garden plant gifts are always great if you have a hint of what they want or like. A person with novice gardening skills is often interested in trying various type of garden plants. However, an experienced person might be looking for something specific in his/her garden. For instance, someone with a passion for cooking would relish a gift of herbal plants. Likewise, people who love to grow vegetables would definitely appreciate their preferred vegetables or seedlings.

Potted plants as garden plant gifts are great additions to the color scheme of someone’s house. Tiny potted plants can be decorated on the kitchen countertops or on home furniture to enhance the overall look of the house. Various kinds of palms can also be successfully planted in pots. Kentia palms are ideal for gifting in small pots and provide the room with elegance and substance.

People also enjoy the look of cascading plants above their window that provides it with a splash of grace and style. For instance, spider plants are immensely popular gifts for people who desire to have a trailing effect for their windows. The beautiful Bromeliads come with a bright bloom and an ever-lasting fragrance that accentuate the ambience and looks of the house. These garden plant gifts are ideal for people with an indoor garden and they will immediately realize the difference these wonderful garden plants can make to their home décor.

If you are looking to complement someone like a newly wedded couple, a fresh college-graduate, someone who is starting a new job or parents with a newborn baby, bamboo plants with their lovely green tops and familiar stems, can be the real heartwarming garden plant gifts as they symbolize fine health and good luck.

Another garden plant gift that comes to mind, are bonsai trees which as per ‘Feng-shui’ prove to be remarkable gifts. Their miniature forest-like appearance will create a beautiful ambience in the house. However, make sure you gift it to someone who can give the plant the proper attention & care it requires. You can also help someone design their own bonsai garden. For instance, you can design an indoor garden with small bonsai trees planted on a cascade of granite or you can even arrange the bonsai trees in a circular pattern in a small pebble garden.

If you are looking to present someone their first garden plant, Aloe-Vera can be the perfect garden plant gift that you are looking for. It’s functional and low-maintenance qualities are ideal for beginners. Moreover, it is beautiful and has medicinal uses as well.

Garden plant gifts are special presents for special people. Picking the right plant does not mean that you need to buy something flowering or flashy. All you need to do is buy something that the recipient will cherish. However, make sure that the recipients can afford the care and attention the plant requires. A luxurious orchid might be a bad option for a friend who is usually on the move but a fern could be a much better to present in this scenario.


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