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Garden Seed Gifts


Garden Seed Gifts

Garden seed gifts are ideal presents for both beginner as well as experienced gardeners. Even people, with no or little interest in gardening, will genuinely appreciate a garden seed gifts from you. When it comes to selecting a garden seed gift for your loved ones, there are a whole lot of options available.

One of the most popular garden seed gifts are herb seeds and these seeds come in a wide range of premium-quality herbs. Fennel, flax, cumin and black pepper make an excellent option as garden seed gifts for your friends, especially for those who love to cook. Fennel is used to add flavor to Italian sausages. Flax is highly nutritious and provides the essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Cumin has a great peppery flavor, ideal for curries and black pepper is useful in all kinds of food.

You can also gift your friends a present of organic herb seeds that are known to be finer and healthier than non-organic ones. Organic herbs have fewer chemicals, promote good health and when presented as gifts, will reflect your care and affection.

Other garden seed gifts that come to mind are vegetable and fruit seeds. When you go shopping for a vegetable seeds, you need to take care of a few things before you buy. You should only buy seeds which are healthy and young. Check the packets for detailed information on the seeds. Also make sure the recipient can provide the suitable conditions and the care that is required for certain vegetable seeds to grow properly. Parents, with small children at their home would definitely appreciate the gift of vegetable seeds. By helping them grow vegetables, parents will be amazed at their children’s perception towards gardening as they nurture the plants.

Carrot seeds, for instance, are ideal for beginners as they are easy to grow.  Other heirloom seeds that serve as a good garden seed gifts are tomatoes, melons and peas. The thing that impresses recipients the most about heirloom seeds are their self-cultivating nature as they generate their own seeds that can produce more vegetables or fruits. Moreover, they are quite resistant to climate and pests, and hardly need pesticides and fertilizers. These qualities make heirloom seeds the perfect garden seed gifts for someone’s garden as they are organic, healthy, economic, easy to grow and maintain.

For people, who cherish flowers in their gardens, a gift of flower seeds is an ideal garden seed gift. Sweet alyssum, calendula, sweet pea and calendula seeds are great garden seed gifts for recipients who need to fill empty spaces in their garden as they all grow quickly. You should also know how to buy right flower seeds for the right season. For instance, spring annuals, biennials & perennials are ideal for the fall season.

Garden seeds can also be gifted as wedding favors. With seed packets as wedding favors, you can thank your guests in a beautiful way for sharing your special day. Moreover, they save a lot of money compared to ready-made favors. When choosing wedding favor seeds for your guests, one important thing to keep in mind is that the seeds should be easy to plant and offer easy plant upkeep. There are many options available when choosing wedding seed favors such as flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamental grasses etc.

If you are looking to give the recipient an ever-lasting impression, garden seed gifts are the perfect choice. You’ll always see the fruit of these gifts whenever you visit them. They are the symbols of your love and care that will always live inside the recipient’s heart forever.


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