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Gardening Book Gifts

Gardening Books Gifts

Gardening for most people is not just a pass-time, but a serious hobby. Therefore, gardening books as gifts will be the ideal choice for such individuals to satisfy all their gardening needs. Gardening books are not only meant for avid gardeners, but they can also entice non gardeners by introducing the beautiful world of gardening to them.

Most of these gardening books are written by expert gardeners who are aware of the pros and cons of this field. If any of your friends or relatives is interested in gardening, then gardening books would be a perfect gift item on any occasion. Let’s take a look at some of the best selling gardening books which you can gift to your friends and relatives:

For an individual who is new to the area of gardening, Gardening for Dummies would be an ideal choice. This book explains all the basics of gardening in a simple and lucid manner so that even a novice would understand the different terms associated with gardening. Gardening for Dummies is packed with humor & stories to make the reading interesting and captivating.

If you are looking for gardening books as gifts that have information regarding different facets of gardening under one cover, then Barbara Damrosch’s Garden Primer would be a perfect option. This book contains information on the different aspects of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and more, which makes this book the preferred choice of many gardeners. This book is considered by many as a ‘must have’ in the collection of a gardener.

If you are looking for gardening book gifts for a serious gardener, then A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants will ideally serve your purpose. This mammoth book contains detailed listings for over 15,000 plants and you can find information regarding any plant that you can think of growing in the garden.

For an avid vegetable gardener, ‘Four-Season Harvest’, by Eliot Coleman contains avid information about the cultivation of different vegetables. This book contains amazing techniques for the cultivation of vegetables in a garden and will be a treat to read for your friend or relative whom you present it as a gift to.

One unique book which would be a treat to read for any avid gardener is The Gardener's Palette - Creating Color in the Garden, by ‘Sydney Edison’. This book contains different ways to create a unique color combination in the garden using different flowers. You can use this gardening book as a gift for any gardener irrespective of their experience in gardening. This is a fascinating book which takes its reader on a colorful journey through the eyes of a painter.

Another great book which is a must read for any gardener is the ‘Organic Gardener's Handbook of Natural Insect & Disease Control’ by ‘Ellis & Bradley’. You will definitely be appreciated for such a wonderful choice of gardening book gift by the recipient. This book contains information relating to the different insects and diseases that could manifest a garden plant. All in all, a handy book which should be available with a gardener for reference.

Given above, were some of the most popular gardening book gifts that is given on different occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. However, you do not need to wait for a special occasion to gift these, and many other gardening books to your friends or relatives. You can surprise them irrespective of any occasion with these books, which will offer high utility as well as fun reading. You can be rest assured that an appropriate gardening book in the hands of an avid gardener will be properly utilized and highly appreciated.

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