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Theydeserveit >> Gifts Items >> Jewelry Gifts >>Indian Jewelry Gift

Indian Jewelry Gift

The range of Indian jewelry gift and jewelry items have always amazed the world as Indian jewelry items are known to be one of the best representatives of culture, tradition and art forms. Theydeserveit brings to a host of information about Indian jewelry gift as the threshold to Indian beauty brought to the rest of the world.

Indian jewelry doesn't mean the modern jewelry items but the traditional jewelry items like the Rajasthani jewelry forms and tribal jewelry forms are the best representatives of Indian jewelry forms. The jewelry forms of Bengal reflecting the attractive floral engravings and the intricate art works and designing are a major market holder for jewelers in India.

The attractive designs of Bengal telling a different story of intricacies and heavy artwork is the traditional hallmark of heavy gold jewelry work. Bengal gold jewelry work is differentiated by handmade and machine made gold jewelry form and it appears to be more gorgeous with the work of joroya or stone setting done to it with the stones like ruby, blue sapphire, or green sapphire etc.

The Indian tribal jewelry also has a different vista opened up for the learners of Indian jewelry traditions and cultures. The tribal jewelries of various parts of India have different cutting and patterns to signify the regional difference and the significant difference in the curving and patterns of engravings and designs. Mostly the tribal jewelries tend to represent the images of gods and goddesses. They tend to offer heavily designed bangles, necklaces and the anklets and feet bangles also known as payals.

The Hyderabadi pearls provide you with a wide variety of jewelry items to choose from and the heavy attractive jewel works of Kundan and stone settings done for the purpose of increasing the weight of the set are simply fabulous gift items for any Indian occasion. The Indian jewelry forms are known by their own specific names and these names have been coming down since ages and traditions.

The bangles in traditional language are known as kangan, while the necklaces for married women are known as mangalsutra and the tiara types for wearing on your forehead are better known as mangtika. While the earrings come in a variety of fashions and types there are the simple and sleek earrings, which are not too heavy in appearance, and simultaneously one comes across the heavy danglers with equally intricate art works. The heavy earrings are pretty difficult to carry at times as they may hurt ones ear skin area, which is soft and delicate otherwise.

Gifting Indian jewelry to your loved ones has always been a very thoughtful idea as these jewelry items suit almost any dress type but they are the best for major occasions like marriage and other social occasions . There are numerous jewelry houses providing you with the best of the Indian jewelry products for gifting and purchasing purposes. Go ahead and make your Indian occasions more gorgeous and colorful with the attractive and beautiful Indian jewelry gift. - Hot Product: 4 Carat Green Amethyst & Diamond 14K White Gold Ring: ONLY $145! (Retail:$400)

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