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Pendants are colloquially called lockets. Lockets can be of different shapes and sizes. Large and heavy lockets attribute a wild look to the wearer. Light weight pendants with delicate designs are worn both by men and women. Lockets can be of different shapes like, square, rectangular, triangular, and circular or of the heart shape.

Some of the lockets can be personalized with messages for near and dear ones or friends. Some pendants are roomy enough to hold the photographs of the gift giver and the recipient. That is why personalized pendants (along with a chain) can be gifted to friends or fiancé.

Different kinds of embellishments make lockets look marvelous. Apart from diamonds, pearls other types of precious and semi-precious stones are used as embellishment on different styles of lockets. 14K White Gold, Round Diamond, Heart Shape Locket with chain can be a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Vintage Style Diamond Locket in 14Kt White Gold can be a perfect gift for people of all ages, because these lockets can be worn by people of all ages. 18K Gold pendant jewelry with White tear-drop pearls is a nice pendant of a single drop-like pearl.

Heart shaped lockets are the best to gift one's fiancée, boy friend or spouse. These can be gifted to ones near and dear ones as these reflect the messages from one's heart perfectly. 14K Gold Filled Mother of Pearl Locket is made in a way that it can hold a photo of 5/8 inches x 5/8 inches. This pendant comes with an 18 inch gold filled necklace.

Square locketsare perfect for formal occasions. These can even be worn in offices. Square Sterling Silver & Glass Locket is a double sided pendant. A picture can be inserted on either side. The pendant moves round a pivot and makes both sides visible for the beholder.

Round pendants look marvelous on teen-aged girls. Gara Danielle Colored Stone Round Vintage Locket Necklace is a round locket of 1.25 inches of diameter.

Theydeserveit has furnished a list of nice pendants or lockets. Somebody willing to gift pendants or lockets to a near or dear one is free to select a locket of one's choice from this list of lockets.

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