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Theydeserveit >> Gifts Items >> Jewelry Gifts >>Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise is popularly known as 'sky stone'. There is a very interesting legend behind this name. According to the Pueblo Indians, the turquoise had stolen the color from the blue sky. Turquoise jewelry is most popular in south western America and in Tibet. Turquoise is an integral part of several types of tribal jewelry. Like native American jewelry, Hopi Indian jewelry, Navajo Indian jewelry and Zuni Indian jewelry. Silver is the most popular metal used in turquoise jewelry as its sky blue hue look excellent with the white of silver.

Turquoise is a very versatile stone. Turquoise jewelry designs can be both traditional and highly modern. It is comparatively cheaper than other stones and is widely used in all types of jewelry- earrings, rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, belts and pendants. Turquoise Jewelry is usually in floral or geometrical designs.

Chunky turquoise and oxidized jewelry is the fashion dictum of the day. It can be worn with both western and eastern dresses. Turquoise jewelry also looks very good with clear cut white crystals. Apart from the plain blue turquoise, there is also a matrix version which has traces of the original rock in it from which the turquoise is derived. The matrix forms a spiderweb like pattern. This matrix patterned turquoise is used greatly in Tibetan pendants.

Turquoise is the birthstone of the month of December. Turquoise is supposed to bring good luck and health. There are several mythical stories and folklores associated with turquoise Jewelry. It is interesting believed that its blue color fades when a person wearing it, is not well or is facing ill luck.

Turquoise is not as hard as gemstones like diamond and rubies. Therefore, there are few safety tips that one needs to follow with turquoise Jewelry.

  • Firstly the turquoise Jewelry should be removed while doing manual works like washing or scrubbing. This will prevent the stone from getting scratch marks.

  • Turquoise is very sensitive to different types of chemicals. So it is advisable not to use any kind of soap or cleaning chemical on turquoise jewelry.

    Make turquoise jewelry a part of your jewelry collection and you will never get tired of it. Wear it with your office formals or try it with your party outfit to express myriad sides of your personality.

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