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Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a celebration of fun, mischief, disguises and excitement. It is observed on 31st October. The most notable feature of this festival is the people, especially children, dressed in spectacular costumes and going from door-to-door to collect candies or other delectable treats. Halloween, the modern-day holiday of fun and a bit mischief, that's marked by costuming, bobbing for apples, Halloween decorations with carved pumpkins, the night of "trick-or-treating" and Halloween parties, originated from Celtic holiday of harvest, Samhain (November 1st). Since 31st October marked the last day of the summer season, so Samhain meant the beginning of harsh winters, which the Celts related with human death. In Ireland and Scotland, it was also called the festival of dead.

The tradition of masking or costuming on this day goes back to the Middle Ages, when wearing scary masks was thought to keep away evil spirits on the eve of All Saint's Day, All Hallows Eve, hence the term Halloween. So as European immigrants came to the land of America, they brought Halloween customs along and popularized the celebrations nationally. So Americans started wearing costumes and wandering house-to-house for treats or money. So when this practice became popular as "trick-or-treating" throughout U.S., mass-produced costumes for Halloween came to the stores in the 1950's for the first time.

Halloween Costume Ideas
What is exciting and special about Halloween costumes from other occasions is that they are themed on supernatural and spooky, scary beings. The most common Halloween costumes are the traditional monsters like ghosts, vampires, witches, demons and evil spirits. In much recent times, costumes are also available, based on characters from pop culture like TV shows, famous movies, like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Batman , Lord Of The Rings, Matrix, Avatar and Jason, etc. and famous personalities like George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Michael Jackson etc. or fictional characters from books like Dracula, Frankenstein etc. So Halloween costuming gives people an opportunity to imitate a superhero, movie star, alien or a princess with a dazzling wand. Giving a chance to explore one's creativity and imagination, Halloween is a fun filled festival.

Halloween costuming tradition means one day of glamour, disguising, mischief, playing pranks and pretending to be, what one is not. Loaded with ideas about Halloween costumes, this section is sure to be interesting. So go on and explore what's in store for you!

Best Halloween Costumes For Women
Apart from the scary and frightening Halloween costumes, some angelic and fairy tale costumes also make the best Halloween costumes for women. Historical costumes like Arabian princess, Roman girl, Egyptian dancer, Cleopatra, Greek goddess costume, Native American costume, Viking costumes, Asian women costumes also make great costumes. Some of the famous rock star divas like Amy Winehouse, Madonna, Disney characters and Movie or TV character costumes also are perfect for Halloween.

Halloween Costumes for women
Best Halloween Costumes For Men
Some of the best Halloween costumes for men are Dracula, devil, unholy prophet, pirate costumes, aristocrat costumes, Elvis Presley costumes, Robin Hood costume, Circus clown costume, Vampire costume, Arab chief costumes, Superman or Spiderman costume, Aladdin costume, Fred costume, Disney character costumes, Lord of the rings or Star wars costumes or other hilarious costumes.

Creative Halloween Costumes

Being creative means, thinking beyond the usual and doing something on your own. So if you are bored of buying ready made Halloween costumes for years then do something unique this October. Give wings to your creative abilities and let it flow. Create some unique Halloween costumes for yourself and your family members, and make Halloween even more exciting. You don't need much of an effort to be creative, just expand upon the ideas for creative Halloween costumes that we have listed below for you. Ghosts
The never-goes-out-of-style Halloween costume still remains to be, the stand-by ghost. But you can get creative with that dress up as well. Use a white sheet and shape out eyes and a slit for mouth with scissors. Do some ghostly makeup like put a dark eye shadow, black or red lipstick and a little tinch of color on cheekbones. Or you can be a "manly" ghost with beard and moustaches. Instead of plain white sheet, you can use colorful sheet like with polka dots and wear some jewelry like earrings and necklace to adorn yourself with. You will surely look a fancy ghost in the crowd.

You want to look like a hippy of 1960's? It's not too tough. All you need is a tie and dye shirt with long sleeves, faded jeans with holes, a headband, long hair wig or a ponytail, light colored sunglasses, a purse or jacket with fringes on it, bulky sandals, and a hippy attitude will compliment your costume for Halloween.

American Flag
Proud to be an American? Then show it off with this American flag Halloween costume. Wear a navy blue color sweatshirt and red pants. To make the stars use white contact paper and stick it on your shirt and white broad tape for flag's stripes across down the pants length.

To look like a yummy pretzel, wear a brown hooded sweat suit. Now, stuff dark brown tights with pillow stuffing and fold it into a shape of pretzel; hot glue at the right place. Use hot glue to put white packing peanuts as salt.

Pumpkin is the symbol of Halloween festival, so it makes a great Halloween costume. All you need is an oversized orange sweatshirt with a matching dark colored sweatpants. To give the rounded shape, stuff the sweatshirt with crumpled newspaper and to make sure that the stuffing doesn't come out; tie a belt around the bottom of the sweatshirt. To be more creative, use fabric paint to make a face of jack-o-lantern on the front of the sweatshirt.

Last Updated On October 07, 2011

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