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Couple Halloween Costumes

So planning to get dressed as a couple this Halloween so that you two look made for each other? Then we have some great costume ideas for Halloween. The best thing about costuming as a couple is its fun and shows how much you want to complement each other all the time. With the couple Halloween costumes you also stand out from the usual crowd and it's easier for your kids or friends to find you.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Add some spice in your life this Halloween with these great, exciting couple Halloween costumes.

King or Queen on Throne
This will be a classy Halloween couple costume for an in-house Halloween party. Make a couple of chairs into thrones for the King and the Queen by covering the back and arm rests of the chairs with gold or silver foil paper. Buy artificial gems from a craft store and paste it on the chair along with some old jewelry and garlands. Wear a cape of royal colors like velvet or red and adorn yourselves with crowns, jewelry and scepters.

Santa And Elf Costumes
Well, everybody is looking forward for Christmas and all the fun and gaiety that comes along with it. So how about your guy dressed as a Santa and you as his elf? A different couple Halloween costume and you will surely make a cute couple during Halloween.

1950's Prom Queen and King Costume
For the girl, a pink satin dress with a tulle overskirt, a tiara on a huge hair-do wig, pink plastic frame glasses, satin gloves and a "Miss Queen" banner completes the dress up. Don't forget the make-up! The guy can wear a plaid jacket, white shirt with a front black bow, spiked hair style, black nerd glasses, ankle length black pants and the "Prom King" banner will look great.

Cartoon Character costumes
You can dress up like the famous couples from the cartoon World, like Aladdin and Jasmin, The Simpsons, Wonder Woman and Superman from Justice League, Joker and the batman from the Dark Knights, or the very cute Mickey and Mini or Tom and Jerry. For a cute fairy tale dress up, get the costumes of Tinker bell and Peter pan.

The Scary couple costumes
Dress up like some deteriorating Zombie couples, ready to pounce on people, or Like A Dracula and his blood sucking wife, both will need detailed make up. Also try the various costumes available for the Mummy Emperor and Empress, and even elite Italian vampire couple costumes or you can also go for the Adam's family costumes.

Unique Couple Costumes
Some of the unique costumes for couples on Halloween are Mummy Queen costume and Mummy King costume, Mr. And Mrs. Incredible costume, Hulk costumes, Viking female and male costume, Royal vampires and lord of blood costume, pirate wench and pirate swashbuckler costume, Reno 911 female and male costume.

Funny Couple Costumes
Some of the hilarious couple costumes are Ketchup and mustard bottle costumes, salt and pepper shakers costume, balling ball and pin costumes, hot dog and mustard bottle costumes, baby boomer and baby doll costumes, plug and socket costumes, key and lock costumes, tropical tourist costumes, Mc Donald's shake costumes, Skullfire and Ravefire costumes, priest and nun costumes.

Go for these unique couple costume ideas this Halloween, and steal the show, with your scary look while complementing each other.

Last Updated On : October 07, 2011
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