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Family Halloween Costumes

Looking forward for some group fun this Halloween? Then don't search further. We have some great ideas for family Halloween costumes that will create a lot of excitement for your family to prepare for Halloween parties. You don't necessarily have to buy a set of costumes to look like a Halloween family; you can even use stuff at home or some accessories from retail stores to create unique group costumes and make your family stand apart from the rest of the crowd in a Halloween party. So lets look at some of the popular family Halloween costumes.

Popular Family Halloween Costumes Ideas

Farm Animals Costumes
A farmer and his group of farm animals can make a funny Halloween costume group. The head of the family can be the farmer, mom can be cow and the kids can be pigs, ducks or chickens. You surely will look cute and a caring farm family together!

Pumpkins Costumes
Two large stuffed pumpkin parents and a little pumpkin or baby pumpkin seed makes a cute costume family. You can go through our section of creative Halloween costumes to get the idea of making a pumpkin costume. Be creative to show differences between a male and female pumpkin. For the baby, the seed costume can be made out of a cream-colored pillowcase. To make the hat, cut one sewn triangle corner (of the pillow cover) off and place elastic around the opening. Now fold the opening with a white button in the back. Put elastic or a drawstring around the main, wider pillowcase opening to hold in the baby's feet.

Patriotic Family Costumes
Show off your love for your country with the patriotic family Halloween costumes. The idea is to dress up the mother as the statue of Liberty, Dad as Uncle Sam, girl as Miss America and her brother as a Navy fighter pilot. Most of the pieces of the costumes can be bought from garage sales or can be made by hand.

Multi-Cultural Family Costumes
How about showing globalization as a theme for your family Halloween costume. Dress up as a multi-cultural family, each member dressed up as a citizen of a different country. You can choose any country you want like China, India, Australia, Africa, Italy or Mexico, and stand apart as the map of the World, this Halloween.

Lord of the Rings Family Costumes
This is sure to be one hit idea. Become the family of The Lord of the Rings characters on this Halloween. Father can be Galdalf, mother can be Galadriel and the children can be Frodo, Pippin and Sam, the Baggins or Arwen, Gimli, Aragorn or Legolas, the others.

The Flintstones Costumes
This is fun to be for one day, a family of Flintstones. Collect some material that looks like zebra design and make a car out of a piece of cardboard and try to give a shape so that all of you can fit into it and run on your toes like the Flintstones does. Make sure that Fred looks fat and Barney has blond hair. So get yourself prepared as soon as possible!

The Harry Porter family Halloween Costumes
With the craze of the series, this Halloween get up is surely going to get you a lot of accolades. Father can undoubtedly dress up as Dumbledore, and mother as Professor McGonagall, and the children can become Harry, Ron and Hermoine, dressed up in their school uniform. For more fun you can even dress up like the cute , though dwarf, Dobby and other goblins like him.

The Addams family Halloween Costumes
The original ghost family cannot be forgotten during Halloween, so why not dress up like them and felicitate them on the day which is dedicated to their kinds, that is, the dead. You can easily make an appearance like them, as the costumes are very common, though you will have to take care of the make up, to get that right appearance. So evoke the Addams family, by dressing up like Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley and Wednesday and you can carry a frozen hand and call it the Thing, just like in the movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes
Get a make over of the Navi people, and have a family Halloween costume get up, from Avatar movie, or dress up like the wild and loud pirates, with frizzy hair, loose baggy clothes, wild hats and a patch over one eye, and you will make amazing Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disney family Halloween Costumes
Another interesting idea of family Halloween costumes, is to dress up like the famous Disney characters, from various series, like Mickey, Mini, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and even Chip and Dale. You can also dress up like the different Pokemon characters, or Barbies of Disney, with their prince charming.

Scary family Halloween Costumes
Not to miss out on the true spirit of the festival, you can all dress up as a family of mummies, or zombies or vampires, with your shredded clothes, your rotting skin oozing blood, and your wounds making a hideous sight. This costume get up, will definitely get you a lot of accolades from every one who wants to celebrate the Halloween with its real spirit, of scaring everyone you come across.

So enjoy the fun of Halloween by being together even in your role plays and get the most interesting family Halloween costume on this festive season.

Last Updated On October 07, 2011
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