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Girl Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes for girls are in abundance. They are cute, stylish, creepy, fashionable, and wacky, whatever you prefer. The best part is, girls can dress up like "girls" such as Barbie dolls, fairies, birds, princess etc while they can also dress up like “boys” , such as cowboys, pirates, ghost, Dracula etc. It is just fun to dress up girls for Halloween, as there are just plethora of options for costumes and make up for them. So girls, check out some ideas for Halloween costumes that will surely make you look gorgeous and centre of attention in the whole party!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Barbie Halloween Costumes
There cannot be a single girl, who would not have played with a Barbie doll, at young age and dreamt about having the same dresses, jewelery and style as them, so why not dress up as a Barbie this Halloween! There are numerous Barbie Halloween costumes that you can choose from online stores or malls during Halloween buying season. They make one of the most sort out girl Halloween costumes, as you get to live your fantasy world through this, even if for a short while. Some of the costumes for girls are Cheerleader Barbie Halloween costume, Bride Barbie costume, Prom Queen Barbie costume, Cowgirl Barbie costume, Barbie Swan Lake costumes, Barbie Trendy Witch costumes, Ballroom Princess Barbie costumes, Rapunzel Barbie costume, Mermaid Barbie costumes, Asian Princess Barbie costume, Jungle Girl Barbie costumes, Egyptian Princess Barbie costumes etc. If you already have a dress then you can buy some Barbie costume accessories like cowboy hat, feather boa, cheerleader shakers, metallic wand and tiara sets, headpieces, sparkling slippers, Barbie hair-do wigs, gloves and make-up kits.

Disney And Cartoon Halloween Costumes
Costumes based on the cartoon characters are everyone's favorite. It looks like a cute version of the cartoon has come out from the TV screen. Kim Possible costumes, The Incredibles Violet costume, Lilo costume, Sleeping beauty costume, Disney Tinkerbell costume, Jasmine Princess costume, Cinderella costume, Red Riding Hood costume, Genie costume, Sabrina The Sorceress costume, Little Mermaid costume, Scooby Doo Daphne costume, Belle cape costume, Wilma Flintstones Costume, Tweety bird costume and Wendy costume from Peter pan are some of the most popular girl Halloween costumes in this category.

Traditional Halloween costumes for girls
If you want to be a part of the theme of Halloween and want to appear as a scary monster in a Halloween's bash, then you can try to do your own make over, by wrapping yourself in bandage and looking as a mummy. Or get a Gothic looking vampire outfit, with regal robes, and put on some false fangs and dark make up, you will be an intimidating vamp. You can also put up the appearance of a bat or cat with an appropriate make up, or a little devil with red and black costume, with forked tail and horns. Another idea would be to dress up as a pumpkin, the traditional symbol of Halloween, with stuffed clothes and highlighted costumes.

Some of the great costumes for girls are the pop star costumes, cat costumes, pirate girl costume,fairy tale costumes, Cleopatra costume, Victorian girl costume, nun costume, Witch Halloween costumes, howling ghost costumes, cowgirl costumes, Diva girls costumes, Super girl costumes, Wizard of Oz costumes, Shrek costumes, Groovy girl costume, Hippie girl costume, Flower girl costume, ketchup girl costume, etc. You can also dress up like various animals or food items, such as burger, ham, or sausage, which is popular during Halloween and make a cute girl Halloween costume.

Last Updated On : October 07, 2011

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