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Halloween Makeup Ideas

All Halloween freaks and partygoers do everything to the best of their capabilities to get that exotic and grisly look, which makes them feel the spirit and furore of the way Halloween is celebrated. They go ahead for purchasing even the most expensive costumes that can easily make a hole in their pockets. And the real finishing to this entire makeover becomes possible with the necessary and eye-catching makeup, turning them into frightening monsters.

Halloween Make Up
Such makeup ideas for Halloween can make anyone an absolute fit to enter a Halloween party or to appear engaged into the crazily appreciated Halloween hoopla.

The way Halloween makeup ideas can transform a normal and ordinary person into a hair-raising monster is more than commendable, and the point of utmost importance is that no Halloween makeovers can give that accomplishment, which good and thoughtful Halloween makeup ideas can bring to recognition. The kind of artistic innovation that such makeup ideas involve is enthralling and a must be incorporated thing. One only needs to have abundant and good quality makeup stuff that has to be put to a best creative use.

Popular Make Up Ideas

  • The cat make up
    One of the most frequently acquired form during Halloween , is the cat form, where lots of paints along with cat ear mask are used, and brushes can be used to make cat whiskers. Such a cat look really suits children.

  • The skeleton make up
    Another Halloween makeup idea is that of becoming a spine-chilling skeleton. The main colors that are used in this sort of frightening makeup are only white and black. All the skin area of the face along with hair has to be covered with white greasy paint. The hair can be hidden with a bald cap. The color should match with the real color of the bony skeleton. Emboldening the facial features, a true look of a ghastly skeleton can be had. Some black cracks can also be marked on the white base especially around the eye and lip area. Hasn't that scared you to death? If not, then try becoming one just like that!

  • The Witch make up
    If you feel like becoming a female witch, then you can resort to wild scary witch makeup. It can have protruding features especially the nose, extremely wide eyes, black spotted cheeks, wild hair complemented with a witch hat. It can be a very nice Halloween makeup idea that will amazingly add spooky element to your Halloween.

  • The zombie make up
    Zombies can be viewed in a great number, during Halloween. Of course, painted. You can use artificial blood bottles to create that effect of wounds, scars and scratches. Use the face tissue to create sores, and add blood over it. Also wear false teeth cover to show deterioration in mouth as well, to appear as a true Zombie and to scare people.

  • Vampires and Werewolves
    The classical figures of horror and blood lust, these two arch demons, are also the popular choices for Halloween, and needs strong paints, of white color for Vampire make over and brown color for Werewolf. Also wear fangs for the former form, while add fake hair using eyelashes adhesive on your skin, for the latter.

Make up essentials
For a good Halloween make up, you need the makeup apparatus including grease paint that can be bought in various different light shades or extremely dark or brown shades. This grease paint can serve as the foundation where the makeup can be applied. Along with baby powder, the makeup can be easily done with the help of supplementing brushes. You can also use gelatin blood packs for that extra gore, and accessories like vampire fangs and animal ear masks.

Make up removal
It is essentially required to remove the make up later, in a proper way, so that it won't harm your skin. Use baby oil to rub it off, as it is absent of all the harsh chemicals, and then wash your face with your regular cleanser. Apply some healthy skin cream and let your skin breathe for a while.

No matter what you choose to become and what you decide to wear, along with the make up you need to act according to your appearance, in order to look like the scariest of the monsters in your Halloween bash.

Last Updated On : October 06, 2011

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