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Halloween Party Games

The most adventurous part of Halloween party is to indulge in the devil-may-care Halloween party games that almost all the Halloween party freaks are fond of playing. People just can't afford to let them be deprived of the exotic fun that is experienced in playing such games. You can get together in a frightening and scary looking place, which is decorated with all the things scary and is turned into a dark tinted dungeon, to add to the thrill and ambiance of the occasion.

If the venue is a big hall, people can make a lot of noise while shouting and screaming, which has also been seen as an influence on many games. There can also be a possibility of organizing the Halloween party outdoors, and this arrangement has given way to an amazing number of games for the Halloween party that makes the whole surrounding area look like a haunted spot.

Halloween Party Games
Therefore, in order to add playfulness to your Halloween party, we are presenting here all the methodologies that guides you to have most interesting games planned for the occasion. Being familiar with such games, well in advance, can assist you in many ways as the people who are witty players can easily craft the tactics to be applied in order to win over the opposite groups. So increase your knowledge and earn full mastery after reading about them.

Best Games for the Halloween Party

Halloween Pictionary:

This is a game that tests the knowledge of vocabulary and the familiarity of the players with the awful objects, insects, birds, animals, mummies, spiders, vampires, witches, bats and several ghosts that play the role of threatening the guests present in the Halloween party. It involves a pre- prepared list of names of scary things. With the division of groups of players, the game incorporates the drawing session and that of identification. One group doles out the name of the object to be drawn by one member of the opposite team. In this process the opposite team has to do the conjecture work and come up with the correct name and win points.

Mummy wrap:

This interesting game checks the speed with which a player can cover a mummy. Also, the complete covering of each body part including details of facial features counts to declare the player a winner.

Apple Bobbing:

In this game the players have to involve themselves into real devilish acts. Just like a monster, they should show their capability in eating an apple or any other fruit or vegetable in the manner of using only their mouth and teeth, while their hands will be tied at their back.

Monster Dancing:

This is very similar to any other dance competition. The only difference is the kind of steps a player takes in the game. And here the steps are very monster like. The more horrifying performance, the more points are bagged by a player.

Worst Makeover:

This game scrutinizes the innovation put in to bring out that horrifying makeover that looks fantabulous in Halloween parties.

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt:

A very interesting game, this involves 10 pumpkins, 10 gourds or any other stuff you may like, and write number 1 on the pumpkins, number 5 on the gourds and if you have anything else write 10 over them, and hide them in different locations, and corners of the party place. At the start of the countdown every one will start looking for the hidden pumpkins and at the end of the countdown, the person with maximum number of points, as written over his pumpkins, would be the winner.

Create a Hollywood scene:

This creative game requires many props, like old clothes, plastic skeletons, fake body parts, mannequins, fake blood, make up, knives, hatchets and frozen hands. Two teams, in their stipulated time, will create a horrifying scene full of dread and bloodshed with lots of horrifying figures, and the best scene will win. Though a creative game , it should not be played in front of kids because of the gory details.

Scary Storytelling:

The simplest and yet the best game of the Halloween party, is the one where you frighten each other, by telling them scary stories. With a good story, this game needs excellent skills and expressions, which will enhance the element of terror in the story, because ultimately the motive is to increase the horror.

Divination Practices:

Especially the Scottish, this practice is the one, where unmarried females believe that sitting in a darkened room, and gazing into the mirror will show them their future husband's face and in case she is to die before getting married, a skull would appear in the mirror. And in this way this divination game is played to know your future.

These are some of the popular games that you play on the Halloween's day during your party, and many ritual activities, like singing songs and enacting legendary stories could also be involved in a Halloween party.

Last Updated On : October 05, 2011

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