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Halloween Zombies

One of the most thrilling and popular ways of celebrating Halloween festival, is by turning yourself into a dreadful and scary monster, from the World of fairy tales, horror fantasy and fiction, and one such monster which is a frequent sight in this festival is a Zombie. Zombies actually are the animated corpses which are the gruesome inventions of voodoo.

The origin of Zombies

Halloween Zombie
They are created from either the corpses of the dead, or sometimes this kind of magic is applied on the very ordinary human beings. When the corpses are made zombies, they perform every action according to the wishes of those who create them. They seem the most frightening figures because they are activated from the half rotten dead bodies. They are purposely made to cause unlimited terror and to help their masters in their horrifying motives. The origin of Zombies could be traced in the West Africa, where through traditional voodoo practices, the dead is brought to life or the soul of a living person is captured and is controlled by the creator of the Zombie. Thus, due to such reasons and due to the grisly aspect associated with them, zombies quite easily became an important part of the horrifying fun of Halloween and earned name of Halloween zombies.

Zombies in Halloween

NowaNowadays, almost every Halloween celebration includes people acting like zombies and it is not very difficult to wear such a horrifying appearance. People only need to apply makeup in order to look putrid and spooky. They can wear worn off costumes and thus can quite effortlessly behave like zombies of Halloween. Any actor can continue the disguise as long as possible. It is quite probable that all the present guests can ultimately faint or run away from the party because of the non stop fright. However, whosoever acts like a Halloween zombie needs to have enormous patience to extend the horror show throughout the Halloween eve. But, the final revelation can be as exciting as the horror show. Guests must wait till the whole mania succeeds in producing the desired effect.

Act like a Zombie too for the ultimate fun

Another thing that adds to the intimidation related to zombies is the state of the corpses. The older the corpses, the more frightening they would appear. This is due to the fact that zombies are made from the filthy corpses and the amount of decomposition they have undergone, can make them detested and scary things. When Halloween freaks resort to becoming such demonic Halloween zombies, they can divert the attention of all the guests of the party and thus can become the real attraction of the spooky and fun filled Halloween parties. Therefore, if you are planning to give a frightening shock to your friends and relatives and prove you a real Halloween enthusiast, then get ready to make the scariest Halloween Zombie of you!

Last Updated On : October 05, 2011


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