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Halloween Gift Ideas

Celebrations of Halloween are as much related to the haunted air and spooky clouds hovering above your head, as it is about showering gifts on the people you love, and in such a case, the necessity of the ingenious Halloween gift ideas automatically comes up, though it would be better if we call it an enthusiastic desire to buy presents, rather than a necessity, because Halloween gifts in a very interesting way, help in beefing up the festive mood of Halloween.

For every special event of the Festival, be it the family dinner or the party with entire neighbourhood, the trick or treating with the children or the various interesting games of Halloween.

Gifts are an integral part of this festival, as it marks the essential spirit of the celebrations, and also because the gifts exchanged during this festival are so much inspired by this internal essence of the occasion that it provides a remembrance of a memorable time and various activities that one participated in, for example, candies for trick or treating and a ghost story book, during a story narration session makes interesting gifts during Halloween, which also contributes in maintaining the authenticity and charm of the festival.

Top Gift Ideas for Halloween

The Gift baskets

Various gift baskets are available to present as a Halloween gift, filled with various kinds of Halloween specialities like chocolate cookies, candies, caramel apples, popcorn, nuts and dry fruits, along with various other delicacies. These baskets have been designed specially, keeping in mind, the festive spirit of Halloween, and can be presented to anyone, from your neighbours, friends to the kids who knock your door for trick or treating.

The personalized gift ideas

You can also try something original and creative for your loved ones, and add a personal touch to the gifts you pick up for them. Buy some nice and plain coffee mugs or crockery for them, and get it printed in your own style, with the names of the people they are meant for, or with a nice Halloween greeting. You can also gift personalized T shirts, photo frames and many other objects like these, with a catchy Halloween message.

Decorative gift ideas

Halloween is also unique in terms of its decoration, especially its spooky items like the almost real life figures of witches, ghosts and zombies, which can be made to stand outside the door, for a really scary welcome. You can gift these items to your loved ones, which after giving them a little fright, will be a reason for a good laugh. Also the Jack -o- lanterns and other pumpkin decorations can be presented. Various skeleton hangings and spooky miniature creatures can also be gifted as funny gifts.

Costume gift ideas

Halloween is the festival when in various scary outfits you roam around in your neighbourhood and enjoy the spirit of the festival. Considering this fact you can gift a really scary looking costume to your friends and family and invite them to share the fun with you. You can also try to create a costume for them on your own, with old dirty clothes, splashing red paint over them and turning them almost into rags. Also gift with it a mask of a ghost for a complete thrill, and stroll around the streets in your scary costumes, together.

Halloween party ideas

For a perfect Halloween gift you can also surprise your dear ones, with a surprise Halloween party. Plan out everything in advance, do all the arrangements, and turn the house into a haunted house, and then while letting your friends inside welcome them with an ear piercing scream . The party should, of course, revolve around the theme of horror nights, and arrange all the other entertainment, games, food, drinks for the party. Through this party you will be giving them a truly entertaining Halloween gift.

Halloween media gift ideas

Among the media gifts, you can make presents of various horror story books, horror movie DVDs, and some really eerie musical scores. Pack these things nicely with your personalized notes and wishes for Halloween and make your special people happy.

Scary objects gift ideas

For Halloween, plethora of scary objects throng the market, which you can use to gift your friends. These items include, miniature figures of creepy spiders, insects, cockroaches, lizards and bugs, fake bats and body parts. You also get waxed or frozen hands in the market that can creep anyone out. Also available for the options are the eyeballs, bendable witch feet, and coffins with skeletons or decomposed corpses inside.

Customized Halloween gift ideas

There are classic Witches' Brew glasses with customized notes on them, which you can present to your friends. Glasses, mugs and crockery items with scary messages on them, also make interesting Halloween gift ideas. There are Halloween Bone Votive holders and skull paper weights available, which make other interesting gift ideas.

Halloween jewelery gift ideas

You can also gift various jewelery items inspired by the horror theme of the Halloween festival. Skull bracelets and pendants, vampire fangs, fake plastic or metal horns, that also act as fancy hair bands. Sparkling eye glasses, and various creatures based body tattoos are some other jewelery items and accessories you can use as gift ideas.

Souvenir toys gift ideas

You can also present the little kids with miniature figures of scary animals which actually act as cute stuffed toys, like small dragons, dinosaurs , monster dolls, and zombie brides, although animal figures have always been included in many trick or treat packages. These toys will stay with them for a longer time period, and will remind them of your affection.

These are some gift ideas you can use , while choosing a perfect Halloween gift for the people who are special for you. So do something creative for them, no need to spend great amount of money just use your creativity and surprise them with some brilliant ideas this Halloween.

Last Updated On : October 10, 2011

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