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Theydeserveit >> April Fools Day >> April Fools Day Boyfriend Gifts

April Fools Day for Boyfriends

If you and your boyfriend have a fun relationship where you share jokes and like to pull harmless pranks on each other than April Fools Day might be the perfect time for you and your boyfriend to have some fun. If you are living with your boyfriend you have much more opportunity to play a heartfelt April Fools Day prank on him than if you might only see him for an hour or even just talk to him on the phone. Either way we will try to help you get the ideas flowing so that you can come up with an excellent April Fools Day idea for your boyfriend this year.
One thing to consider is how elaborate or simple you want to be with your April Fools Day boyfriend gift or joke. The simple ideas are often the ones that bring the most spontaneous laugh and get remembered the longest. However, going all out on April Fools Day to really give your boyfriend a shocker can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Consider this crazy idea. Order a large cake for your boyfriend, the kind with the really pretty girl that pops out of the top, But instead of sexy young ladies you can have older dancers or dancers dressed as grandma in the cake. That would be an April Fools Day stunt your boyfriend would never forget
April Fools Day Gifts for Boyfriends
Buy your boyfriend something goofy for April Fools Day, something that he can use to be really odd or something he would never use but you would get a laugh out of when he opens the gift. Big fluffy dice for his car or to hang in his bedroom. An oversized picture of you, maybe like a 24x36 blown up copy that you expect him to hang on his mirror. A pair of pink converse sneakers that would make him look a little bit out of place in the crowd, or maybe a shirt with a really awkward saying printed on it. The key to this kind of gift with your boyfriend on April Fools Day is that when you give him the gift you have to make it seem that you really expect him to wear it or follow through. As he wonders if you are serious or not that is when you can say April Fools. Or maybe keep the joke going until he does wear those pink sneakers and then say April Fools after he has suffered some embarrassment.
Aprils Fools Day Pranks for your Boyfriend
The best idea when trying to pull a prank on your boyfriend is to get his buddies involved and have them help you brainstorm. Odds are pretty good they can help generate and execute a good idea worth a bunch of laughs. Why not have everyone meet at a place for coffee and dessert and at a certain time everyone just get up and leave stiffing your boyfrined who is left with the tab. If you are confident enough you could have his ex-girlfriend give him a call and really lay it on with how much she misses him and wants him back. If you have access to his clothing while you live together taking all of his socks is a great April Fools Day prank. Watch as he tries to figure out what to wear that day. You will be the one laughing.

April Fools Day ideas for your boyfriend can really cover the whole spectrum and go from simple to elaborate, inexpensive to full blown. Remember to have fun, try not to hurt anyone's feelings and most of all look to create an April Fools Day memory that will last a long, long time.