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Theydeserveit >> April Fools Day >> April Fools for Brother

April Fools for Brother

April Fools Day is the perfect day to pull a prank or buy a gift for your brother. You may still live in the same house as your brother and every day wonder if there is a way to get back at him for being such April Fools Day is the day when you can plot your revenge. If your brother is older and moved away then an April Fools Day gift might be the perfect way to tell him that you still love him in an extra special way.
An April Fools Day gift or joke for your brother should always be fun but never dangerous or hurtful. Adding an element which would produce a scream is always a nice touch as long as it is not a scream of pain. April Fools Day gifts and jokes can get out of hand quickly if someone does not use good judgement. Remember we do not want your brother to get hurt in the process. On this page we provide a few good ideas to get your mind thinking about what will be the best way to celebrate April Fools Day with your brother.

April Fools Day Gifts for your Brother
There are lots of gifts available from magic and joke stores which make great April Fools Day gifts.

Snakes in a can are one gift that always gets a laugh and a suprised look. Fake money with weird and odd sayings printed on the back is another common gift that works well for brothers on April Fools Day. Getting a gift which is gross is always a winner for a brother on April Fools Day, some examples would be a candy that turns bitter after a the first minute or a can or jar of pet worms or roaches. Be creative as you come up with your own ideas on how to really shock your brother with a different kind of gift for April Fools Day.
Aprils Fools Day Jokes to Play on Your Brother
A really easy April Fools Day joke for your brother is to stuff something into the toes in his shoes. Maybe it is just an old sock to jam up his toes or maybe it is something more disgusting like some shaving cream or other kind of goo. Try not to ruin his shoes in the process. Stealing your brother's toothpaste and toothbrush is a great April Fools Day joke, especially if he has a girlfriend he likes to look pretty for. If your brother takes a lunch to school try to see if you can slip a plastic spider into his lunch bag, the shock he will have when he sees the spider will be very cool even if you do not get to see his reaction. There are so many good April Fools Day pranks to play on your brother that you should only use good judgement to limit your creativity.

April Fools Day is a great chance to get back at your brother for some of the tricks and pranks he might have played on you over the past year. This is a day when mom and dad will probably let you get away with a bit more than they would on other days so go for it. If none of the ideas we have presented above make for the perfect April Fools Day gift or joke that you are looking for make sure to check out our other April Fools Day pages as well.