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Fun April Fools Day Jokes

April Fools Day jokes can be clean fun, they do not have to be gross and over the top to get a good laugh. Many times when you consider a real fun and clean April Fools Day idea it might not even be a prank per say as much as it is an April Fools Day gift or present. On this page we will explore a wide variety of April Fools Day jokes and gifts which do not run the risk of going too far and falling in to that unacceptable zone...but we will not forfeit any of the fun.
Good clean and fun April Fools Day gifts are often a great place to turn when considering something for the office or for the boss. While there is never a problem with a healthy prank at work you don't want to be the person who steps over the line and causes a stir. A classic genre of April Fools Day gifts for the boss are the decision making gifts that are out there. "Hey Boss I know you have a hard time making the tough decisions so I bought you a magic eight ball decision maker" Or better off just leave it on the bosses desk.

Clean April Fools Gifts for The Office
Fake spiders and mice placed around the office make really good and innocent April Fools Day gifts.

The joke really comes alive when people are still finding some of the hidden pests a week or so later. The classic spilled cup of coffee plastic joke is a wonderful April Fools Day gift for the office kitchen where there is always a mess no one wants to clean up. Placing an "Out Of Order" sign on the coffee machine might cause you to get thrown out but it would be good for a laugh as well! Finally you can consdier another great joke gift for April Fools day in the office where you put a container of roaches or beetles or worms in the fridge to save for later when you go on your fishing trip.
Clean Aprils Fools Day Gifts and Jokes for Home
When there are brothers and sisters around the April Fools Day jokes can get out of hand pretty quick. A good plan is for mom and dad to get involved and help the younger kids come up with and execute clean fun April Fools Day jokes so things stay under control. Consider short sheeting a bed, turning off the hot water heater to give someone a cold shower, or even hiding the milk for the morning. Other really easy April Fools Day presents that make for a wonderful memory are when you hide the silverware, or remove light bulbs. For the real adventurous take air from some tires. Always remember not to get involved in a joke that does harm. Keep in mind this is all good fun.

Clean and fun April Fools Day jokes and Gifts do not need to be elaborate or difficult to execute. One light bulb missing form a favorite lamp is enough to get a good laugh when mom or dad sit down to read. In the office hiding all of the copy paper for an hour or so might be just enough of a joke to not cross the line but still be fun. The problem with most April Fools Day gift ideas and pranks is that they are conceived quickly and executed without considering the possible negative consequences. Keep an open mind and your clean April Fools Day stunts will be remembered for a long time.