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TheyDeserveIt >> April Fools Day >> Gross April Fools Day Jokes

Gross April Fools Day Pranks

When April Fools Day rolls around the time for pulling pranks is upon us. As people think about the pranks they are going to pull on their very best friends and their family there is often the idea that a gross April Fools Day joke is the right way to go. There is no doubt that a well executed gross April Fools Day joke can be a great laugh and leave a memory (hopefully positive) that will last a lifetime. The challenge is that a poorly planned and gross April Fools Day joke can also backfire and become a moment one will regret for just as long. So think wisely about your really gross April Fools Day plans.
College is a place where gross and outrageous April Fools Day pranks are often the norm. Dormitories, fraternity houses and sororities are subject to pranks amoungst their members all the time. April Fools Day often gives license for those pranks to go to the next level. If you have the ability to stay nearby and wait for the victim of your April Fools Joke then feel free to hang around, but if the gross prank will be given away with your presence you will have to accept the stories and laughs you will hear afterwards as the best next thing to being there.

Gross April Fools Day Pranks Involving Food
Food is often a prime target for a gross April Fools Day joke and milk is one of the best places to start.

Many people use milk in coffee, cereal or just straight from the glass and early morning jokes are the best. Letting milk sour a bit is an old prank but still works great. Another great milk related gross joke is to add lumps of cottage cheese or yogurt which provide a very sick texture. Milk can also be tainted with a variety of substances like vodka or lime juice which both go relatively undetected until tasted. Spaghetti is another classic gross joke for April Fools Day. Serve up a bowl with meatballs on top and in the bottom have hidden a fake eyeball or some fake dog poo.
Gross April Fools Day Pranks with Spills and Spiders
The best way to pull off a gross prank with a spill is to get the fake plastic spills from any joke or magic store online. Fake human or pet waste makes a very gross April Fools Day joke, fake blood, eggs, oil and vomit are also high on the list. These kinds of fake spills work well around bathtubs or in common area toilets. Live spiders also make a very good and disgusting April Fools Day joke. Live spiders of a wide variety can be found at pet stores. When placed in a refrigerator most stay alive for quite a while but slow down nicely due to the cold. A fridge full of spiders...nothing better for a good scream.

Other really gross April Fools Day jokes involve backed up toilets, overflowing garbage disposals and trash cans which get filled with some rotten meat. The sights and smells are wonderful to really get the month of April started off on the right foot. Remember whenever considering even the most gross prank you should make sure no one will get hurt. Fun is the idea not terror or harm.