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Theydeserveit >> April Fools Day >> April Fools Day for Parents

April Fools Day Parent Gifts and Jokes

An April Fools Day gift or joke played on a parent is the dream of almost every child. Having the ability to pull one over on mom and dad, even if they do fake their surprise a little bit, is a memorable event. Thinking about what kind of gift to buy a parent on April Fools Day or a prank to play can become the object of some pretty serious conversations with friends at school. Boys especially seem to take the April Fools Day opportunity to heart even more so than girls. We have pulled together some great gift ideas that will make this an unforgettable April Fools Day for parents.
There are a variety of April Fools Day gifts that you can choose from. Some are expensive and need to be bought or shipped to your home. Others are homemade and can provide good laughs with just a little effort and some creative thinking. How much advance planning you do will determine your options for this April Fools Day gift. Another really good idea if you are planning a joke on your parents is to get some inside help. Have mom help pull off a joke on dad and have dad help find just the right gift for mom. Normally they will keep the secret so everything can go as planned.

April Fools Day For Parent Ideas
On line magic stores and trick stores are often a good place to look for April Fools Day gifts for parents. All kinds of gag gifts and pranks are available if you have a little bit of money and can wait for delivery. Things like plastic spiders and rodents are always good. Eggs that do not boil or crack are funny for a laugh maybe several days after April Fools Day. Ordering online of course requires a way to pay so this is where having an adult helper can be handy. Some easy pranks for at home that cost no money are to remove light bulbs or hang a fake spider just inside the refrigerator door. If you want to sneak in to mom's closet you can take all of her right footed shoes and move them to dads closet and take all of his right footed shoes and move them to moms closet. This April Fools Day joke always gets a good laugh and no one gets hurt.
Aprils Fools Day Gifts for Parents
If you are not sure you want to pull a practical joke on April Fools Day but would rather have a small gift to give to your parents we have some good ideas for you in the April Fools Day gift category. For dad you can buy a tie that is very short and would look odd if he ever placed it around his neck. See if he is brave enough to wear that tie outside of the house. For mom you can buy some rubber worms. The best place to give rubber worms to parents is to put them in between the sheets on their bed. Now that would be very funny when they touch the rubber worms with their toes.

There is one other classic April Fools Day idea which you can use on your parents and it does work sometimes. Change their alarm clock to ring very early in the morning, like at 3:00 AM. When the alarm goes off you should eb sound asleep. In the morning you can let them know that you thought of one of the best April Fools Day jokes on a parent that is out there. Of course if they come in and wake you up then it would not be quite as funny. Enjoy all of your April Fools Day fun and gifts this year!