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Theydeserveit >> April Fools Day >> April Fools Day Gifts for Roommate

April Fools Day for Roommate

Take advantage of April Fools Day to get a special gift or present for your roommate. Roommates are without a doubt some of the people we get closest to in our lives. During the time that we live together with our roommate we have a chance to really get them some special presents. Either in the form of an actual April Fools Day gift or a prank or gag which we pull on our roommates we can not pass up on the opportunity April 1st provides to put a special one over on our beloved roommate.
As you consider the April FOols Day gift or prank for your roommate this year the first choice you will have to make is if that idea will be on the normal or acceptable scale or if you are going to go way out and possibly cross some lines as you pull this off. With a roommate you can cross lines (like a shower filled with dog poop) and get away with it, but that does not mean that being crazy with your April Fools Day roommate surprise is the best decision. Sometimes something simple like putting salt in the sugar bowl is a much better decision.

Acceptable April Fools Day Roommate Pranks and Gifts
First we can outline some of the more acceptable roommate April Fools day gifts and pranks.

Here are a few which come to mind right away (other than the sugar/salt trick outlined above). Turn off the hot water, set the alarm for 3 AM in their room, short sheet the bed, put cottage cheese in the milk. The list goes on an on and you could plan a special April Fools Day surprise for your roommate every hour if you like. Try gifts for your roommate like gum that goes super sour after a few bites, some posts on a socal network site with less than beautiful pictures, or even some alcohol free beer. Now that would be a bummer all that drinking and no buzz.
Cross the Line April Fools Day Ideas for Your Roommate
We already mentioned the doo poo in the shower, and we are not talking about the fake kind but the squish between your toes kind is best. Of course spiders in the bed or in the fridge are also very good but someone might get hurt or really freaked out with that one so be careful. The number of borderline and tasteless April Fools Day ideas is endless so be careful where your imagination leads you. One favorite that seems to come back year after year and still deserves some attention is the idea of stealing all the clothes from the bathroom while the shower or tub are being taken. No clothes no towel and somehow getting locked in the hall seems to work everytime on April Fools Day.

Remember when all is said and done your roommate is someone who you need to get along with and probably they share part of the rent so keeping decent communication lines open is a good idea. There is always next April Fools Day if you really want to chase them off.