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Theydeserveit >> April Fools Day >> April Fools Day for Sister

Sister April Fools Days

On April 1st every year brothers have a chance to give a gift or a joke to their sister for April Fools Day. Since the relationship between a brother and a sister is so special the April Fools Day gift should be special as well. A present she will remember for the whole year long until next April Fools Day. We at TheyDeserveIt are here to give you all some great ideas for April Fools Day so you can pull a good prank on your sister without getting yourself in to too much trouble with mom and dad. So find the perfect April Fools Day idea for your sister and have some fun.
The first thing you should take into account when coming up with the perfect April Fools Day ideas for your sister is if you want to spend any money on your prank or your gift or if you are going to do all of this from things you have at home without spending any cash. We have some good ideas either way so after you see what the best April Fools Day gift is for your sister you can decide if spending money is worth it. Just remember that as you are planning your April Fools Day gift for your sister she might very well be planning a surprise for you too.
Cheap April Fools Day for Sister Ideas
If you want to get a good April Fools Day prank on your sister without spending any money try some of these ideas.

Catch some worms and put them in her tub or shower. Steal her shoes before she gets dressed for school. Take her hair dryer or lip gloss so she can't make herself beautiful. Write a funny note on her mirror in her bathroom with soap. You could even go really crazy and have all of her friends from school come over late at night as she is getting ready for bed to embarrass her. Remember that these kinds of jokes should be fun and make sure no one gets hurt.

Buy and April Fools Day Gift or Joke for Your Sister
Big fake spiders make great April Fools Day pranks for your sister. Buy a couple of these spiders and place them in her bed or in her pillow before she goes to bed and wait to hear the scream. You can give your sister some new lip gloss that has special ingredients like hot chili in it to make her lips burn after she puts it on. A dribble cup is another fun gift to give to a sister on April Fools Day and sit back and watch as drinks spill down her chin. Visit some gag gift shops or magic shops to find just the right present for your sister on April Fools Day.

As brother and sister there is a lot of fun teasing that goes on every day of the year since you live together in the same house. April Fools Day is the perfect day to play a practical joke on your sister as long as things stay under control. You may also avoid getting in to trouble because it is that special day of the year. Have fun this April Fools Day thinking of a way to really let your sister know you are thinking about her.