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Theydeserveit >> April Fools Day >> April Fools Day for Teachers and Professors

April Fools Day for Teachers

Pulling an April Fools Day prank or joke on your teacher takes a pretty bold person, or someone who is very sneaky and confident they will not get caught. If you think you are up for the challenge and potential consequences associated with April Fools Day jokes and gifts for your teacher then we have some ideas you might be able to put to use.

Good Luck!
Before you move forward with any April Fools Day joke or gift for your teacher you need to think about what might be the consequences if you get caught. Usually the price to pay is too high for the potential laugh you may get. Be smart before you move forward with your ideas. In order to make sure your potential punishment is not too severe we suggest that you set aside all of the ideas like tacks on the chair and explosions in the chemstry beakers. Instead you should stick to some April Fools Day jokes and gifts for your teachers which are funny but a little less disruptive and dangerous.

April Fools Day Gifts for Teachers
It may be corney but the old apple for the teacher is a great place to start with a harmless April Fools Day joke.

Get a plastic apple, or better yet get a whole plastic fruit basket for the teacher. Want to take another spin on the same theme? Try buying a whole bushel of apples and delivering that to the teacher for a laugh. Looking for an April Fools Day gift for your teacher that is a bit more original? Maybe you could try a nameplate with their nickname on it or a grading stamp for papers that says "A+" for everyone. Remember that being safe and smart here is the best course of action if you feel compelled to get an April Fools Day gift for your teacher.
Aprils Fools Day Pranks on Teachers
Placing challk inside the ridges of an eraser or hiding all chalk, erasers and whiteboard markers are classic April Fools Day jokes to play on a teacher. Going again with the apple theme you could get one that is obviously rotten and worm infested. You could orgainze with everyone in the classs to put on fake classes at the same time and just stare at the teacher. Fake glasses can be found at novelty stores for like $1.00 each. Another classic gift for a teacher on April Fools Day is prank ruler or yardstick where the measurements are wrong. Everytime the teacher would try to use the measuring tool something would just not be quite right.

Use your good judgement to determine if your teacher or professor is a good sprot and would respond well to an April Fools Day joke or gift. If you are not 100% certain then it would be best just to put your creative ideas to use and pull and April Fools Day joke on someone else and leave your teacher alone.