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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Chinese New Year Gifts >> Personalized Chinese New Year Gifts

Personalized Chinese New Year Gifts


Personalized Chinese New Year Gifts

The customary tradition of celebrating any occasion or event in history is by merry making and giving gifts. Chinese New Year is one such occasion which is characterized by the exchanging of gifts among friends and family. Personalized Chinese New Year gifts are perfect among the other gift items given in the occasion. They are different from the general and usual gifts available in the stores.

Personalization helps make these gifts special by adding your individual touch to it. The recipient of such personalized Chinese New Year gifts will be genuinely pleased to receive such wonderful present.  A nice personalized gift for the Chinese New Year, which is traditionally the longest and the most important Chinese festival, would be the customary red and golden envelopes known as the Hong Bao. These envelopes are filled with money and are generally given by the elders to younger people.

These young people can be anyone, say children or employees or even unmarried couples. These envelopes can be personalized by writing a personal message on it. The message could be anything that is meant to inspire or motivate the recipients. Since the Hong Bao envelopes signify good luck, you can add some message which wishes good luck and prosperity to the recipient of such an envelope.

The Chinese culture is one of the richest and most vivid cultures in the entire world. The cultural heritage and history of the country is quite prosperous and expansive. So, good personalized Chinese New Year Gifts could be any gift items which highlight the significance of the occasion. In addition to that, Chinese chopsticks, lanterns, the traditional cane umbrella, dragon heads are excellent choice of gift items. You can lend your individual touch on these gift items by simply engraving your name or your some personal message on them.

Another nice personalized Chinese New Year gifts item could be Chinese Calligraphy. Personalized Chinese calligraphy scrolls, Chinese symbol art paintings and other handwritten artworks can be excellent gifts to somebody during the New Year celebration period. Such gifts are bound to impress the recipients.

If you want to give someone a simple gift instead of an elaborate one, you can simply give a flower bouquet or a basket. You can add the favorite flowers of the person receiving the gift and add some grass and weeds to make it look more charming and beautiful. The people you love and care for would certainly love the flowers as they are the all time favorites of everyone.

A personalized gift basket containing the choicest fruits could be another nice gift. Chocolates or other food items are quite popular too. You could put together an assortment of chocolates it would make for a wonderful personalized Chinese New Year gift. If you are a health conscious, you can go for organic gift baskets of chocolates and candies or fruits or other food items. You can also bake cookies and brownies as gifts for the Chinese New Year. Fortune cookies with a ‘fortune’ wrapped inside is a great idea too. It is creative and will delight the receiver of the gift.

Engraved bottles of wine can be quite an impressive choice for personalized Chinese New Year gifts item. They are bound to be liked by a wine enthusiast and personalizing the present with a personal message will make it memorable for the recipient. He / She will, no doubt, cherish the wonderful gift.

Personalizing a gift makes a whole lot of difference when you gift something that is unique and extraordinary. Personalized Chinese New Year gifts are, therefore, a very good idea to make a person feel pleasantly surprised and happy.