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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Jewish Holiday Gifts >> Chanukah Candle Gifts and Presents

Hanukkah Candle Gift Ideas

Hanukkah Candle Gifts

Hanukkah candle gifts are the most appropriate and traditional gifts given during the Hanukkah festival. The festival of Hanukkah originated almost twenty one centuries ago, when the Jews defeated the Syrian king Antiochus. It is celebrated in late November or December on Kislev 25 in the Jewish calendar. The holiday goes on for eight days, and each day a candle is lit in. This is done because when the holy temple Menorah was relit, there was only enough oil to keep the light burning for just one day. But miraculously, the sacred oil kept the lights burning for eight days.

The Menorah is central or most important item in the Hanukkah celebrations. It is a candle stand with nine branches. The shape and styles of Menorah have changed with the times, though the importance and meaning remains the same. Children are particularly fond of lighting the Menorah, so you can always gift them decorative candles as Hanukkah candle gifts, wrapped in attractive gift boxes. Hanging Hanukkah candles gift tag sticker is a great method to present these gifts, with the recipients and your name written on the tag stickers.


Hanukkah candle gifts are vey important and appreciated during this holiday season. While going through the Judaica stores, you may find a lot of Hanukkah candles in various shapes and designs. But according to Jewish custom any candle can be used to light the Menorah. So, it is not always necessary to buy any special kind of Hanukkah candle gifts. Simple candles can also be gifted.

However, shop owners and manufacturers produce different varieties of Hanukah candles, to add an excitement to the festival. When gifting your loved ones with Hanukkah candle gifts which have a theme and attractive colors.

Some more options for Hanukkah gifts can be Handmade Kosher, Hanukkah candles in attractive colors, Hanukkah candle gift sets consisting of scented candles with a menorah, or twisted glass oil candles.. Hanukkah candle gifts are exchanged between family members, relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues. The gift choice for each person should be unique and different. You can choose colorful candle gifts for children or friends, and for an elderly person you may choose something somber.
Menorahs as gifts can also be given on the occasion of Hanukkah, along with Hanukkah candle gifts. You can gift your elderly aunt a Jerusalem stone Menorah which she’ll surely appreciate. Your mom will be more than happy to receive a Jerusalem hand painted ‘Accordion’ menorah, which will also serve as a decorative household item. The Jerusalem star menorah, which looks like a Jewish star, the Hanukkah menorah kit and many other attractive menorah gifts, can be presented during this festival. The traditional Golden Hanukkah Menorah is a magnificent ritual item, which will add splendor to the traditional ceremony, and is the perfect gift for your near and dear ones.

Friends can also be given beautiful, attractive and colorful Hanukkah candle gifts, as nowadays candles are not limited to plain simple styles. There are delightful monogram unity candles, printed personalized unity candle sets, personalized floating unity candle and vase, and numerous such varieties that will create an everlasting bond in your friendship.

The perfect Hanukkah candle gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend can be a personalized interlocking hearts candle holder or hanging heart unity candle holder. There are attractive Hanukkah candles even as wedding gifts during this festival. The unity candles have wedding rings engraved on them and make for an adorable gift for the newlyweds.

In a broader sense, the Hanukkah lights or Hanukkah candles symbolize a feeling of national and religious freedom, and symbolize the emergence of the Jewish culture & Hebrew language which was suppressed by the Greeks.