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Hanukkah Coin Gifts

Hanukkah Coins as a Gift

The festival of Hanukkah is a time of rejoicing for Jewish families across the globe. It is a celebration of freedom, and involves the exchange of gifts, preparation of traditional foods and playing dreidel. Although the tradition of giving elaborate gifts on this occasion started recently, giving Hanukkah coins as a gift has been an age old custom and is still followed extensively by the Jewish community.

Hanukkah coins as a gift used to be given to children during the holidays to let them enjoy the festive season. In today’s time, real coins are generally given to children as a gift from their grandparents & relatives, or as a blessing. One of the main reasons for giving Hanukkah coins as a gift to children is to teach them the value of charity & good deeds.

Religious Jewish leaders consider Hanukkah coins as a sort of incentive to the children until they are old enough to understand the importance of the Torah and mitzvoth. This is the reason why giving Hanukkah coins as a gift to children has become an age old tradition among the Jewish community.


These days, it is not uncommon to see chocolates wrapped in gold or silver wrapper that looks like a real coin. These coin shaped chocolates are quite popular among children and are widely used as a gift on the festive days of Hanukkah. Expertly packed in a golden or silver wrapper, these chocolates have the traditional Jewish symbols imprinted on them and serve as an effective replacement to real money. Hanukkah coins as a gift in the form of chocolates offer a relishing treat for the children and a fun way to enjoy their holidays.

After the lighting of the menorah during the festive season of Hanukkah, playing dreidel has become almost a ritual in every Jewish household. Giving Hanukkah coins as a gift to children would ensure that they have their own money with which to play the game of dreidel with their family & friends. It is not necessary for the dreidel money to be real so you can also give chocolate coins to the children to use in the game of dreidel.

Hanukkah coins as a gift are ideally given in a gift basket that consists of dreidels, Hanukkah coins, a bottle of wine and other traditional gift items. These gift baskets are widely exchanged by families and serve as an ideal choice of gifts during this festive season. You can also decorate a food basket with Hanukkah coins to enhance the aesthetics of your gift and make it more memorable.

Foil wrapped Hanukkah coins can also be given as stand alone gifts, without including them in a gift basket. If you want to make your Hanukkah coin gift more elaborate & personal then you can give them in a specially designed gelt bag. You can easily create a small gelt bag out of any cloth material and decorate it with traditional Hanukkah symbols. Hanukkah coins as a gift given in a hand made gelt bag will be highly appreciated by your friends & families and will be cherished by them for a long time to come.

If you want to personalize your Hanukkah gift then you can make your own Hanukkah coins at home. Home made Hanukkah coins can be moulded out of clay and colored to represent a real gold coin. Hanukkah coins as a gift that have been made by you at home will add a personal feeling in the gift and enhance the festive spirit of the recipients.