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Theydeserveit >> Holiday Gifts >> Jewish Holiday Gifts >> Dreidle Gifts and Presents

Hanukkah Dreidle Gift Ideas

Hanukkah Dreidels as a Gift

The game of dreidel is referred to by many as the official game of Hanukkah due to its close association with the Jewish community for centuries. The four letters on the four corners of a dreidel spell out as ‘A Great Miracle Happened Here’, and refer to the courage of Jewish people during oppression. It is due to this reason that Hanukkah dreidels as a gift have become a popular option on this important Jewish occasion.

Playing the game of dreidel has become almost customary for children on this auspicious occasion. They use candies and chocolates instead of real money, therefore if you are gifting your child with a dreidel, then don’t forget to give a packet of candies along with it so that he can start playing with it straight away.  Since dreidels have an enormous amount of history associated with it, Hanukkah dreidels as a gift is a fun way to teach your child about the glorious history of the Jews.

If there is a wedding coming up in the holiday season and you are searching for a perfect gift for the newly weds, the Hanukkah dreidels as a gift to the couple would be highly appreciated by them.

You can easily fine highly decorative dreidels in the market that are made up of glass, ceramic, and even precious metals like gold & silver. Although such decorative dreidels cannot be utilized for the traditional spinning game, but they are inscribed with traditional phrases and create a lifelong reminder for the couple.

There are a lot of items that have been inspired by the shape of a dreidel, and serve as a creative & innovative gift on any occasion. An excellent gift item for your mother or sister would be a dreidel shaped perfume bottle. Not only will the perfume be appreciated by your mother, but even after the perfume has finished, the bottle can be used as a decorative item in the house. A decorative wall hanging dreidel would add a lot of creativity to your house on Hanukkah and make for some memorable photographs with the family.

To give Hanukkah dreidels as a gift, you do not require any special occasion. Dreidel is a game that you can even be casually played with your children and other family members on any day irrespective of the occasion. So you can purchase a good quality wood or metal dreidel for yourself and enjoy a fun game with your family.

If you think that gifting a single dreidel is not appropriate then you can go in for a dreidel gift box that contains a number of multicolored dreidels. Hanukkah dreidels as a gift are generally given as a gift set for a better aesthetic value. You can enhance the look of this dreidel gift set by sticking a dreidel shaped sticker on the top.

An inflatable dreidel is another gift item that you can gift on the occasion of Hanukkah. These inflatable dreidels are made up of multicolored materials and contain lights that illuminate internally. These inflatable dreidels can be placed indoors as well as outdoors, and would bring the beauty of Hanukkah to the lawn or living room of the recipient.

A Dreidel is not just a game, but it is seen as a symbol of the Jewish heroics during the Chanukah era. Therefore Hanukkah dreidels as a gift are a well-chosen option during the festival of Hanukah. You can either give a single piece of dreidel or a set of dreidels or a dreidel inspired gift item, the recipient will greatly value this gift item for a long time to come.