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Passover Gift Ideas

Passover Gifts

The Jewish festival of Passover (Pesach) begins on the 15th day of the month of Nissan, as per the Jewish calendar. This festival has both agricultural and historical significance in the Jewish religion. Historically, Pesach is observed owing to its relation to Exodus from Egypt, following generations of slavery. The agricultural significance of the occasion of Passover is that it marks the commencement of the harvest season in Israel.

Traditionally, a Passover dinner is held with the entirely family and a few close guests, who gather around a table to listen to the historical story of Exodus and celebrate the long awaited freedom of the Jews.

On this special day in the Jewish religion, exchanging gifts has become a custom. There is an extensive list of items to choose from, when it comes to deciding the ideal Passover gifts for your friends and family. Here is a collective list of some of the most commonly exchanged Passover gifts.

Passover gifts are available in choices of both practical and decorative gifts and this why these gifts are also increasingly being chosen for gifting on special occasions, such as anniversaries and housewarmings.

Usually, the occasion of Passover is considered good for purchasing new kitchenware. A lot of families like entertaining their guests with dinner served in new kitchenware. The common kitchenware Passover gifts include salt and pepper shakers, Kiddush cups, decorated knives and plates, among several others.

By far, the most popular gift item in Passover gifts is, without a doubt, the Seder Plate. This plate is made to stand at the center of the table and is the main attraction of the ritual Passover meal. A Seder Plate can be made of a combination of different materials and includes six distinguished spots, for placing the six ceremonial foods in them.

The next most preferred item as Passover gifts is the Matzah plate. It is used for placing the Matzah, which is a special variety of flat bread that is eaten during the eight days of the festival of Passover. Matzah plates are available in the market in a variety of decorative designs with traditional Jewish motifs resembling the seven species. Moreover, the plates are also inscribed with Hebrew words, which makes these all the more attractive and unique.  

When you visit the market looking for Passover gifts, you will often find Seder Plates and Matzah plates in complementing designs. You can also gift beautiful Afikoman covers that are especially designed to suit the happy and fun element of this special festival.

To stay tuned with the changing trends, a new assortment of Passover gifts have come up in the market, that are influenced by the feminist movement. Known as ‘Miriam’s Cup’, this exclusive cup is placed next to the Cup of Elijah and is meant to draw the attention of the people present on the table, to the importance of women in the story of Exodus. Traditionally, Miriam’s Cup is filled with water, signifying Miriam's Well that by some miracle, transformed into an endless resource of water for the Israeli people present in the Sinai desert.

Other than these gifts, the other traditional gifts that are commonly exchanged as Passover gifts include boxes of sweets and fruits. Gifting wines is also an interesting option, which can be used for celebrating the Seder rituals. While it is only Matzah foods that are allowed on Passover, gifting chocolate covered Matzah foods or crackers, and Kosher foods & drinks is also a good choice.

If you do not have the time to look for Passover gifts, or if budget is a constraint, then the best and the simplest option is gifting Passover flowers. This is one choice of gift with which can never go wrong.