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TheyDeserveIt >> Holiday Gifts >> Kwanzaa Gifts >> Kwanzaa Gifts for Brother

Kwanzaa Gift for Brother

Kwanzaa Gifts for Brother

Kwanzaa means ‘fruits of the first harvest’ in the African language Kiswahili. It is a harvest festival founded by Dr.Maulana Karenga, and is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st. During these seven days people of African American origin, come together as a family, to celebrate their heritage, culture, community and remember the African leaders and their sacrifices. This is also a time for merry making, feasting, singing and dancing. Children are explained the meaning and importance of family values, and are taught to create and maintain a bond among brothers and sisters.
Each day of Kwanzaa includes prayer and greetings, with a focus on the seven principles, namely, unity, self-determination, collective work & responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. The seven corresponding symbols of Kwanzaa are, fruits, nuts and vegetables, a place mat, an ear of corn, seven candles, a candle holder, the unity cup and gifts.

It is always advisable to present gifts on Kwanzaa which relates to at least any one of the seven principles, or portrays the African American culture and tradition. Kwanzaa gifts for brothers should be no exception. Brothers are the ones who’ll always make you feel secured and cared for. Brothers are always there in times of distress and need, and so Kwanzaa gifts for brothers should also portray your love, affection and concern for them.

One of the seven principles of Kwanzaa is ‘creativity’ or ‘Kuumba’. Therefore home made gifts are appropriate for this festival, and encourages community pride, growth and success. Kwanzaa gifts or ziwadi recognize achievements of the recipient. So you can gift your elder brother a beautiful hand written poem which narrates his achievements in life, and the sacrifices he has made for the family. Such an emotional gift is an ideal Kwanza gift for brothers and will surely touch his heart. You can write the poem in a beautifully decorated hand made card, using the three colors of Kwanzaa, red, green and black.

You can also gift your brother a book on ‘cooperative economics’ or ‘Ujamaa’, which is another important principle of Kwanzaa. This principle shows the path to build and maintain your own stores and other businesses, and to profit from them.

Kwanzaa gifts for brothers can also include sweatshirts, hooded full sleeve t-shirts or jerseys with African designs or prints on them. White elegant Dashiki suit is also a good choice, since the festive season is here, and he might want to wear something traditional. You can also gift him hand knitted crochet African Kofi cap, which will also show your love and affection for him, and how much effort and time you have put into it. Such gifts are ideal Kwanzaa gifts for brothers.

If you have a really small kid brother, then he obviously needs some extra pampering. Go ahead and bake him some delicious cookies or cakes. You can gift your kid brother home made scrapbooks, mentioning all the activities of the family, during each year of the Kwanzaa. It can also have photographs of each family member doing something creative during this festival. Such a gift will help him to understand the bonding and values of family ties, and will create an interest in him to participate and follow the same principles.

Musical cd and cassettes also make for perfect Kwanzaa gifts for brothers. The music should be of African origin with good drum beats, so that he can have a good time listening to it along with his friends.

Whatever the choice of gifts, it should be kept in mind that you are presenting it to one of your most dearest and loveable person. That’s why, while searching for Kwanzaa gifts for brothers, lots of thought, effort and planning should be put into it.