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TheyDeserveIt >> Holiday Gifts >> Kwanzaa Gifts >> Kwanzaa Gifts for Dad

Kwanzaa Gift for Dad

Kwanzaa Gifts for Dad

The week-long African American festival of Kwanzaa honors and commemorates the African culture, heritage and history. Created by Ron Karenga, Kwanzaa is the one holiday which is meant to foster the African American spirit. Each day of the week of Kwanzaa holiday is dedicated to one principle. These seven principles are Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (Self Determination), Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility), Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), Nia (Purpose), Kuumba (Creativity), and Imani (Faith).
This is also the occasion to give gifts to your near & dear ones and is the perfect opportunity to show the most special person in your family your father how much love & respect you have for him. For a nice Kwanzaa gift for dad, you can select any gift item embodying the seven principles which would prove to be a really thoughtful gift for your father.

One of the nice Kwanzaa gifts for dad would be the seven Kwanzaa candles which are also known by the name of Mishumaa Saba. These candles symbolize the seven principles of the Kwanzaa festival and are a worthy choice as a gift for your dad.

Mkeka, the traditional mat which is reflective of the African culture and heritage can be considered as a good gift for your father. Such a symbol of tradition is sure to be appreciated by your father.

Another popular gift item is the Unity Cup or the Kikombe Cha Umoja which is representative of the unity of the family and the community. It would be a present which will convey your message of love for the family and more specifically for your dad.

Moving aside from the traditional or conventional gifts, you can give your father any contemporary items as Kwanzaa gifts for dad. In this matter, you just have to keep the preference of your father in mind.

A nice gift in this direction would be nice apparel for your dad. While you are selecting such a gift item for your father, try to give preference to his likes and dislikes such as whether he loves to dress informal or formal. Formal wear can come be in various styles and you can simply give your father the best one among the different choices available. Conversely, for informal items, you can choose T-shirts for your father. In case, you want to personalize such items, you can get a Kwanzaa message printed on it. Your father will have a nice T-shirt to wear in the week long Kwanzaa festival.

You have various other options to consider for your Kwanzaa gifts for dad. A suggestion in this matter would be gifting your father with some accessories attached with either some Kwanzaa value or simply a Kwanzaa greeting. Watches, sunglasses and handkerchiefs are some of the things you can think of giving to your dad.

Since Kwanzaa is a celebration of the age old traditions, culture, and heritage of the African American people, a credible selection for Kwanzaa gifts for dad would be a book based on their ancient history and how they came to be. It would perfectly suit the occasion and your father would love to be the recipient of such a fantastic gift.

Kwanzaa is a festival for merrymaking and engaging in the celebration of the African roots. It is a time meant to be spent with the family. Your father would be pleased if you can give him the gift of your time. Cook him a sumptuous meal which he will simply love gorging on.

Whatever you decide to gift your dad with, you should make sure that the gift will make him happy. It is the sentiment behind any gift which matters most. A gift which best exemplifies your love for your father would be the perfect gift of all.