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TheyDeserveIt >> Holiday Gifts >> Kwanzaa Gifts >> Kwanzaa Gifts for Boyfriend

Kwanzaa Gift for Boyfriend

Kwanzaa Gifts for Boyfriend

The Kwanzaa is a non-religious week-long festival which is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st. It celebrates the African American heritage, and focuses on the seven principles, which are, unity, self-determination, collective work & responsibility, co-operative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. Like most festivals, presenting gifts to your girlfriend or boyfriend is customary. While deciding on Kwanzaa gifts for boyfriend, it would be appropriate if the gift symbolizes the African culture and heritage.

When choosing a gift for your boyfriend, the seven principles relating to Kwanzaa should be kept in mind. Kwanzaa gifts for boyfriend should match his characteristics and personality. After all you will surely want to gift him something which he’ll highly appreciate, something that expresses your love for him and makes him feel special.
A very touching and loveable Kwanzaa gift for boyfriend is an African made ring, with the words ‘Umoja’ inscribed on it, which means unity and bonding. The ‘circle of love stone sculpture’ is one more Kwanzaa gift which can strengthen the bond between you & your boyfriend, and can prove to be an ideal gift for an everlasting relationship.

If your boyfriend is more of the studious type, then the best option would be to gift him a book on African heritage & culture or Kwanzaa history. For an artistic person African sculptures as gifts is also an intelligent thought, as it will also make him feel that you care about his tastes and interests.

Though you may get abundant choices in markets and hi-fi stores, as far as gifts are concerned, there is nothing like home made gifts. Home made Kwanzaa gifts for boyfriend, relay a message that shows how much time, effort and love you have put into it, which no gifts bought from a market can substitute.

A gift any man would really appreciate is home made dinner, which includes most of the main African-American dishes. Like they say, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Like wise you can also bake him his favorite cookies, and gift it in a beautifully decorated hand woven basket. This is also an opportunity to show him your cooking and creative skills.

If you are good at sewing, then sew him a quilt yourself, with fabrics woven in Africa, which will keep him warm and cozy throughout winter. You can also let your imagination flow, and write him a beautiful love poem, with inspiring words or quotes from famous African American leaders. Poems can be written on hand made cards using the three important colors of Kwanzaa, i.e. red, green and black. Other Kwanzaa gifts for boyfriend may include embroidered shirt having embroidery using the traditional African colors and designs, or men’s scarf, which are in vogue, with African prints on it, or just a pen with his initials inscribed on it.

For a fun loving and musical person, music CD having good African beats and which reflects the traditional African music, is the perfect choice.

However, if your run out of options for giving a gift which relates to African culture & tradition, you can even go for the latest model of mobile phone or any other electronic gadget, car accessories etc. Since it’s a festive season, new clothing or footwear is also not a bad option.

Kwanzaa gifts for boyfriend could be from anything to everything, as he is one of the most important individuals in your life. But it is always advisable to gift him something which portrays the African American culture and heritage, as you will surely want him to respect and follow the culture.