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TheyDeserveIt >> Holiday Gifts >> Kwanzaa Gifts >> Kwanzaa Gifts for Girlfriend

Kwanzaa Gift for Girlfriend

Kwanzaa Gifts for Girlfriend

Kwanzaa was created by Dr.Maulana Karenga, and is celebrated with great pomp & joy. It is a festival of lights, feasting and the perfect occasion for giving gifts. The festival is observed for seven days, from December 26th to January 1st and brings together families, friends and relatives to celebrate the African American culture and heritage. Giving gifts on this occasion is an important part of this festival, and this is the perfect time to show your beloved how much you adore her.
One of the most important people in any guy’s life is his girlfriend so Kwanzaa gifts for girlfriend should portray your affection and create an ever-lasting bond in your relationship. An appropriate gift for your girlfriend can show your deep love and respect for her, which may not be expressed in words. While selecting Kwanzaa gifts for girlfriend, it should be kept in mind, that this festival is celebrated to honor the African American heritage. So the gifts should preferably be in sync with the African culture. This will also prove to your girlfriend, the respect and knowledge you have regarding African American heritage and culture.

Jewellery or ornaments are always a good option, where women are concerned, so you can gift a beautiful ring with her initials engraved on top, and the word “Umoja”, inscribed on the inside, to signify unity and bonding. A Kwanzaa bracelet is also perfect to strengthen your relationship and create a circle of love. Try to choose ornaments made with material from Africa, so that they show an authenticity and heritage of Africa.

There is also the option of giving traditional African clothing, or ceremonial outfits as Kwanzaa gifts for girlfriend. Since it is the festive season, this will be an appropriate gift. Always try to remember her favorite colors, as this will prove how much you care about her personal likes and dislikes. If she is more of a homely person, then she’ll surely appreciate African art or sculpture to decorate her home, or authentic African handmade pottery, to serve food during the festival. Kwanzaa gifts for girlfriend can also include African printed fabrics and textiles for cushion or pillow covers or for curtains.

If she is a music lover then an ideal gift would be to present her with a CD of African folk songs, or modern songs with good African drum beats. Other than this ‘The traditional unity cup’ can also make a good Kwanzaa gift for girlfriend.

If you are a person who enjoys cooking occasionally and can go to any lengths to impress your girlfriend, then nothing like baking her some wonderful cookies, and gifting it to her in a beautiful hand made African basket. Or better still, if you can cook up a delicious traditional African meal which will for sure impress her.

Kwanzaa gifts for girlfriend should always be packed in gift boxes with decorative wrapping papers, having African prints on them.

A touching, impressive and romantic gift idea which can never become outdated, is an outing or holiday. It would be a good idea if you can plan your outing to such a place where traditional African culture is celebrated with lots of African dance, music and food.

Always remember that Kwanzaa is a festival that brings people together and helps in strengthening your bonds with your loved ones. Your girlfriend is on person who deserves all your love & care and the best way to make her feel special is by giving her a gift that she will love & cherish for the rest of her life. And nothing can top the gift on this festive occasion than the gift of togetherness.