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Theydeserveit >> St Patricks Day >> Saint Patricks Day Clothing Gifts

St Patrick's Day Clothing Gifts

Looking for the perfect clothing gift to give on St Patricks Day? We have ideas for you. Everyone knows that on St Patricks Day you have to wear something green. Even if you are only an honorary Irish wearing something green allows you to get in to the spirit of the day. Kelly Green is of course the color of choice on St Patricks Day. If you have friends or family who do not have some piece of clothing which they can wear to the party than this St Patricks Day is the perfect chance to give the gift of clothing on St Patricks Day.

While the dyed in the wool true Irish may wear a full green top or even a green pair of pants on St Patricks Day for most people something a bit more subtle is appropriate. While there are many people who try to get away with every shade of green possible a real clothing gift on St Patricks Day will have some amount of Kelly Green present. Maybe the gift is a St Patricks Day T-Shirt which is green in color with a white logo. Or to go a bit more subtle use a white tee shirt with a nice kelly green logo or saying on the fornt or back. If a Tee Shirt is not the best gift to give on St Patricks Day then maybe a hat, or a pin would be a better choice.

St Patricks Day Clothing Gifts for Children
Kids love to wear special clothes and Saint Patricks Day is a once in a year celebration where a young Irishman or Irishwoman can show their stuff with a special piece of clothing. Buying St Patricks Day clothing for kids is pretty easy as many stores and online shops carry a variety of shirts and sweatshirts which are very popular. A nice green hoodie sweatshirt gift for St Patricks Day can be perfect for that child between the ages of 9-16. For little toddlers and crawlers think about some nice one piece pajamas or a nice sweater that has the perfect Irish saying on it "Kiss me I'm Irish"
Saint Patricks Day Hats for the Parade
If you or your family are headed out to the St Patricks Day parade you will need some warm clothing, A hat is the perfect St Patricks Day clothing gift. Maybe a baseball style cap which currenlty are sold in all green versions for many major league teams. A knit cap with green color or a knit cap from the fighting Irish of Notre Dame is perfect for the sports fan in your Irish family. The best thing about a hat as a St Patricks Day clothing gift is that it can be used on days other than just when you are watching the parade.

St Patricks Day Blankets as a Gift
If you are looking for something soft and warm but do not think clothing is the right choice then round up a Saint Patricks Day stadium blanket to give as a gift. These kinds of warm balnkets can be used for watching the ball game as well as havnig a picnic. Carry your Irish Green blanket in the car at all times to pull out whenever you need. A blanket is a perfect St Patricks Day gift.