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Theydeserveit >> St Patricks Day >> Saint Patricks Day Gift Baskets

St Patrick's Day Gift Baskets

Send a beautiful St Patricks Day gift basket to a friend, relative or business associate this year as a special treat. St Patricks Day is not a customary day to exchange gifts and so your thought and consideration will be that much more appreciated. Think about your gift basket recipient on St Patricks Day when a basket filled with giant green cookies or cakes arrives at their door. Giving a gift basket on St Patricks day is a chance to stand out from the crowd who exchange gifts around Christmas time. Don't delay and get started placing your order for a St Patricks Day gift basket right now.

When thinking about giving a gift basket for St Patricks Day there is such a variety of different themes you can choose from to make the gift basket very exciting. Of course the theme could be drinking related if appropriate and beer and whiskey could be the main ingredients. Shamrocks could be the theme or four leaved clovers. Leprechaun cookies and "Kiss me I'm Irish" materials could also be included. Wrap the whole big treat in some nice green celophane and you have a great gift for St Patricks Day.

Beer Gift Baskets for St Patricks Day
If you are going to be sending a St Patricks Day gift basket to a friend or a group that would appreciate a good round of beer with the guys and gals then go with the Irish theme all the way.

Many online retailers offer beer gift baskets built just for St Patricks Day but you can also build a good beer gift basket all by yourself. Some brands of Irish brew that you might consider are Guinness Stout, George Killians Red and Harp Lager. The Irish also have some great ales you could add in like Smithwicks.
Cookie and Sweets Gift Baskets for St Patricks Day
Are you looking for a sweet St Patricks Day gift basket to send to friends or family. It would be easy to find a basket of cookies with the shapes of Leprechauns and Shamrocks all in giant cookies put together in a nice cookie bouquet. As with most of these kinds of cookie gift baskets you can have special sayings put on the cookies and St Patricks Day provides a great list of sayings from "Kiss me I'm Irish" to "Luck o'the Irish" A cookie gift basket is a fun idea for gift giving on St Patricks Day.

Gift Baskets for Kids on St Patricks Day
If you want to build your own special gift basket for kids in your family or in other families this St Patricks day there are plenty of items which could be included. Of course some green cookies or cakes are a must. Small green shirts with cute Irish sayings. Green earrings for the girls and maybe even some shamrock seeds to plant and watch grow. Other items in a St Patricks Day gift basket for kids could include some Irish folk music or storytellers on CD. Also some folktale books from old Irish legends like "The Twelve Wild Geese" or "The Children of Lir". These are perfect gift basket choices on St Patricks Day.