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Theydeserveit >> St Patricks Day >> Saint Patricks Day Shamrock Gift Ideas

St Patrick's Day Shamrock Gifts

Giving the gift of a shamrock on St Patricks Day is a simple way of saying that you honor the Irish in you, your friends and your family. Even if you are just an honorary Irish for the day you can still take a certain amount of satisfaction and pride while handing out Shamrock Gifts to all your acquaintances. When considering a shamrock gift on St Patricks Day you can choose from a wide variety of options and prices depending on what message you want to send in your gift giving. Most times a shamrock gift can be small and temporary but you can also look at long lasting permamant Shamrock Gifts.

Over time the shamrock has evolved as the kind of unofficial mascot for St Patricks Day. Many people mistake the shamrock for the four leaved clover which connotes luck. This is an understandable confusion when many Shamrocks are portrayed as being 4 leaved and often with tiny leprechauns next to them. But the true shamrock is a simple 3 leaved clover and is the symbol of Ireland. While the Luck o'The Irish may indeed rest in a 4 leaf clover you can be clever in knowing that a Shamrock and a 4 leaf clover are in deed two different symbols used on St Patricks Day.

Simple Shamrocks as St Patricks Day Gifts
Many people like to spread some holiday cheer around their office and St Patricks Day provides a perfect opportunity to do just that. For this kind of gift giving, or at a St Patricks Day party where there will be many guests a simple shamrock gift is a great idea. You may purchase some small shamrock gift pins for everyone to wear. Cutting shamrock shapes from green paper with sayings like "Kiss Me I'm Irish" printed on them can make a nice little hanging on the work space wall for a few days. Another simple shamrock gift may involve little skin safe stickers which the ladies can put on their checks to brighten up their Irish smile.
Live Shamrock Gifts for Family and Friends
This Saint Patricks Day if you are looking to give a real green gift why not consider a live shamrock for your family and friends. Many nurseries will sell clover plants especially around the St Patricks Day holiday. These plants are relatively easy to care for and can provide a year round memory of a special Shamrock St Patricks Day gift. Small 2 inch pots are inexpensive and make a great impression.

Shamrock Jewelry Gifts
If you have a special someone you really want to impress this St Patricks Day then a special piece of jewelry in the shape of a shamrock is a perfect gift. A pin, pendant, hair clip or a bracelet make perfect jewelry gifts on St Patricks Day. Since emeralds have that natural green coloration they are the best gemstone for a Shamrock Shaped jewelry gift this St Patricks Day. Maybe have a few diamonds incorporated into your Shamrock Jewelry and you are really making an impression.