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Theydeserveit >> St Patricks Day >> Saint Patricks Day Wedding Gifts

St Patrick's Day Wedding Gifts

What could be more beautiful than a chance to present a wedding gift on St Patricks Day. A St Patricks Day wedding is a special event because it very likely joins two people who have not only a pride in themselves and their partner but also in their national heritage. When lovers find each other and have such strong bonds in place even before marriage then the chance of a lifelong joy spent together is real indeed. A St Patricks day wedding, held at a special cathedral or church, will have a beauty all its own. Coming up with the best gift to present on this special wedding day should be a fun and exciting process.

Because of the unique nature of St Patricks Day and the association with the color green the chances are very real that many of the decorations at a St Patricks Day wedding will have some kind of green affiliation to them. While the bride may still be dressed in traditional white her flowers and the floral decorations around the ceremony will very likely have a strong green feeling. Clover, with its delicate leaves and flowers may also play a central. If you are working with the wedding party and help to plan a gift table or a wedding book or photo table your gift to the bride and groom can be a wonderful display of greenery that makes the wedding ceremony shine.

St Patricks Day Wedding Gifts for the Bride
The bride may be tricky to shop for on her St Patricks Day wedding, but do not fall back to the traditional crock pot or coffee maker as your wedding gift. Even if your gift may not be that practical you should present something that is memorable at best. What about a beautiful picture book featuring landscape shots from Ireland. Some reading material form famous Irish authors and poets like James Joyce, William Butler Yeats or Oscar Wilde would be a spohisticated gift. Or if you are really trying to wow the bride a trip to a special place in Ireland would be unforgettable.
St Patricks Day Wedding Gifts for the Groom
If the groom has any Irish in him he might just enjoy an occassional beer or whiskey. If this is the case then buying a St Patricks Day wedding gift for the groom should be easy. A beer of the month club featuring Irish Beers is great or just a cold case of Guinness might work. If you want to take another path on this special wedding day try a gift of some real Irish cheeses or other culinary specialities. A little food in the fridge never hurt a newly married couple.

Green St Patricks Day Wedding Gifts
While Ireland has switched currency to the Euro in the United States the currency is still the US Dollar whose color is predominantly green. Called "greenbacks" US Dollars make an excellent green gift on a St Patricks Day wedding. Green plants and green beer also do the trick if you are looking for a green gift for this Irish wedding.