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Theydeserveit >> Honeymoon>>Honeymoon in Aruba

Honeymoon in Aruba

There are various places where the newly wed couples can visit to have a unique honeymoon. The couples desire for a honeymoon place where there is some privacy, no one to disturb them so that they can share precious romantic moments together and save them forever in their memories. To decide for a perfect honeymoon destination is a

problem but travel agents can help out to find a solution to the problem as they can guide for various honeymoon destinations within your budgeted amount. What if there was a place that had a surplus of hotels, marvelous white powder beaches along with isolated romantic getaways. One can see this existing paradise on earth by visiting place called Aruba, as there honeymoon destination. Aruba will surely cater to all the expectations that a honeymoon couple would expect and enjoy their journey. It is Located in the Southern Caribbean, Aruba is only at a distance of few hours through air from major US Cities.

Best Time To Visit Aruba

As Aruba is outside the Hurricane belt and there is no rainy season and temperatures remain warm constantly. Hence weather is not an issue in Aruba and couples can visit anytime in the year.

Beaches In Aruba
Beaches have always been admires by honeymoon couples as they can simply have ample time to spend around the romantic beaches. There are two main beaches in Aruba Palm Beach (one will find the high-rise hotels) and Eagle Beach (low-rises). Most people prefer Palm Beach because of its well-situated location. Everything is at a walking distance like casinos, restaurants, food stores, shopping and much more. You'll find the Radisson and the Hyatt hotels along this beach.

Aruba Is A Shopping Paradise
Aruba is truly a shopper's paradise. Most of the boutiques are located in Oranjestad. The major shopping centers, where the couples can visit to buy things are Alhambra Shopping Bazaar, Palm Beach Shopping Center and Seaport Village Mall. For the couples who are staying in a hotel, the hotel concierge and travel desk can guide for various places to do shopping and make commuting arrangements accordingly.

Honeymoon Destinations In Aruba

Butterfly Farm
This butterfly farm is in lush tropical rain forests in between the flowers and trees. One can come across remarkable ponds and amazing waterfalls. One can spot various butterflies in the forest.

Arikok National Park
This park covers 18 percent of the island. It is located near Mt.Arikok and provides shelter to a large variety of flora and fauna along with rare and exotic cacti, aloe, birds and iguanas. One can visit this park and have a exotic honeymoon trip.

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