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Theydeserveit >> Honeymoon>>Honeymoon in Bahamas

Honeymoon in Bahamas

Every body has dreams associated with their wedding and honeymoon occasions. Once the wedding is over the couples are prepared for their honeymoon trip, which has been planned beforehand. There are several honeymoon places where the couples visit, among them Bahamas is also a well-known honeymoon destination. Bahamas has a perfect

atmosphere enveloped with love and romance and thereby enhances the couple's feelings for each other. The white sands, turquoise water and beautiful resorts of Bahamas attract its visitors.

Seven Great Honeymoon Spots In Bahamas
There are few spots for the couples to enjoy in Bahamas. The seven great spots for lovers in Bahamas is given below:

  1. Sunbathers who scream for the most attractive location in the Bahamas would be happy at Gold Rock Beach. Gold Rock Beach would be a perfect spot for them to visit.
  2. Naturalists who seek the company of other friendly species can take the ferryboat from Port Lucaya to Sanctuary Bay's Dolphin and Experience bottlenose dolphins playing together with humans.
  3. At the nearby UNEXSO (Underwater Explorers Society) facility, scuba divers can take the plunge after three hours' instruction.
  4. For those who prefer shopping, the International Bazaar contains number duty free shops that sell imports from all over the world, which includes French perfumes, Colombian emeralds and Italian leathers.
  5. One can visit East end adventure leads trekkers all along pristine beaches and in a jeep to Lucayan national park.
  6. Tropical songbirds welcome visitors to Rand Memorial Nature Center, home of flamingoes and other gaily-colored birds.
  7. West end movie attracts all its guest to participate in the activities of the island like conch cracking and hair braiding. Also see the presentations of the country's junkanoo festival, which is a colorful festival.
Calm to sizzling, the 700 Islands of the Bahamas present a diverse vacation experience, and each of the 20 populated islands has its own distinct character and attraction for its honeymoon couples and visitors.

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