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Theydeserveit >> Honeymoon>>Island Honeymoon

Island Honeymoon

When it comes to honeymoon, all newly wed couples want a private place where no one can disturb them and the couples have privacy. The best occasion which one can remember in his or her life is the honeymoon tour. It's a tour to know each other better and express love for each other.

Honeymoon is ideally suppose to be visited once in a lifetime, the couples decide for a honeymoon destination where they can spend the best romantic moments of their life and Therefore want such a honeymoon destination, which makes there honeymoon a unique one.

To meet the above criteria a newly wed couple can definitely go for an island honeymoon. Island, which is a true beauty of nature with peace all around and no one to disturb the newly wed couple.

To recommend some of the famous island honeymoon destinations, the list given below can be a helping tool:

Honeymoon Island State Park: It was called as Hog island by the pioneers, but it became Honeymoon Isle in 1939 when 50 palm-roofed bungalows was built by New York developer for honey moon couples. Today, visitors can drive across Dunedin Causeway to enjoy gulf beaches, sun, tidal flats and much more. All those who love nature will come across osprey nests, shorebirds and few remaining slash pine forests in South Florida. Visitors can also enjoy swimming, fishing, snorkeling in the lukewarm water of the gulf also enjoying the beautiful sceneries. Variety of seashells on the shore can be found as a result shelling is good here.

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