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Theydeserveit >> Music>>Led Zeppelin Lyrics

Led Zeppelin Lyrics

Led Zeppelin lyrics especially from the album Physical Graffiti is the last great Led Zeppelin title, portraying them as the kings of loud and sexy blues-metal. Playfully experimentation with new sounds, the band blended Middle Eastern rhythms, folk-styling, heavy blues, and deeply impassioned rock riffs into a two-disc set that sounded

very nice. Lyrics of Led Zeppelin have a sprawling and adventurous theme collection and also some tracks so focused on ultra-Zeppelinesque style.

A few tracks on the album like 'Custard Pie' and 'Trampled Under Foot', are probably the best personification of the blues rock Zep sound that most people are familiar with, but after those tracks, the album turns into a statement on overindulgence. Soulful lyrics of Led Zeppelin are unusual, sensual, bone-rattling, and explosive not only its Zeppelin's greatest achievement, but also one of the greatest albums of the 70s. Page still conjures up a palace of rock guitar with his magic connotation and sums up perfectly the music.

Led Zeppelin lyrics conjure up images of mythical landscapes and mystic places that reside in the imagination. So here's presenting you a popular Led Zeppelin lyric from the very Achilles Last Stand as -

It was an April morning,
When they told us we should go.
As I turned to you,
You smiled at me.
How could we say no?

With all the fun to have,
To live the dreams we always had.
Woa the songs to sing,
When we at last return again.

So enjoy the touching Led Zeppelin lyrics a worth while combination of good lyrical and music composition.

They Deserve offers you Led Zeppelin Lyrics.

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