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Theydeserveit >> Music>>Velvet Underground

Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground reached its final configuration in 1966 when Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker joined Lou Reed and John Cale. The band entered the rock scenario with Lou Reed (lead guitar and vocals), John Cale (bass, piano and viola), Sterling Morrison (rhythm guitar and bass) and Maureen Tucker (drums). The Velvet

Underground marked their debut with "The Velvet Underground and Nico" in 1967. The bulk of the songs featuring in "The Velvet Underground and Nico" were recorded in two-days at New York City recording studio, in April of 1966. "The Velvet Underground and Nico" featured works by the first professional line up of the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen "Moe" Tucker, with Nico lending her voice for three tracks. Shortly after its release, the album aws surrounded with lots of controversies due to the lyrical contents of the tracks, which overtly used references of drugs, transvestites, prostitution, and S&M.

In the summer 1967 Velvet Underground stared recording their next album "White Light/White Heat". The album featured unorthodox tracks such as "White Light/White Heat", "Lady Godiva's Operation" and "The Gift". "The Gift" is a short story with a heavy rock rhythm mixed. Written by Lou Reed and narrated by John Cale, it is an anecdote of love and the perils of human mail. The main attraction is however, the lengthy, improvised murder tale "Sister Ray". It dwells on drug abuse, violence, homosexuality and transvestitism.

The Velvet Underground released its self titled third album. It was recorded in the autumn of 1968 at TTG Studios, Hollywood, and is characterized by a radical shift in sound and approach. The album featured tracks like "Candy Says" , "What Goes On" "Some Kinda Love" , "Pale Blue Eyes" , "Jesus", "Beginning to See the Light" , "I'm Set Free", "That's the Story of My Life", "The Murder Mystery" and "After Hours". Morrison's ringing guitar rhythms and Yule's melodic bass guitar and harmony vocals make their presence conspicuous on the album. Reed displays a very different quality of singing in the first two tracks of the album which are more subdued, soothing and melancholic. The fourth album "VU" is characterized a transitional sound which carefully toes the line between the soft and subdued third album and the pop-rock anthems of their final record, "Loaded". The standout track of "VU" is "One of These Days," a blend of torch song and slide-guitar freak out.

TheyDeserveIt offers an insight into the world of The Velvet Underground with

Nico velvet underground
Velvet underground lyrics
Best of velvet underground
The velvet underground sunday morning lyric
Velvet underground music

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