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Luxury Baby Gifts

Luxury baby gifts are not only enjoyable but also add a certain thrill to gift giving. A newborn baby is always treated like a king in the family and every one wants to present him the most fabulous gift ever. And luxury baby gift offers the perfect means of pampering the baby. The luxury baby gifts are no doubt costly but they are also the best

way of letting a baby know that you love his presence in your life and are really thankful to God for providing you with a nice opportunity for portraying your love for the bay. brings you some of the best ideas on luxury baby gift items.

Here are certain suggestions for the luxury baby gifts.

Cradles have always been an integral part of everyone's childhood and even now people prefer to gift cradles to the babies. You can get cradles made up of wrought iron. These cradles are often embellished with lovely designs. These cradles can be a nice addition to the nursery and also a big savings to the parents.

Support Pillows
Pillows can be another luxury gift for the baby. Though there are many simple and ordinary looking pillows available in the market but you can also get luxury support pillows, which come in different colors and can be personalized with the baby's name or his photograph. You can also get musical pillows, which play a recorded lullaby or a baby song on being pressed.

Magic mirror
Magic mirror can be another option for the luxury baby gift. This mirror reflects forms as well as records sounds. Once it records a sound it replays it. Babies find it very amusing to converse with the mirror that replays the sound uttered by them. This mirror also comes with pre-recorded baby songs and lullabies that act as perfect pacifiers for the babies.

Baby Set
The first tooth and the first curl are always the most precious treasure for the parents. So why not gift them an equally precious gift box or gift set for placing these gifts? You can go for silver baby sets or gift boxes, which are very much safe and protected.

Use your imagination and add to this list with the luxury baby gifts you feel would best please the new family and baby.

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