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Strollers are among the most useful pushable vehicles for carrying babies. Parents are often anxious how to take their toddlers outside quite comfortably, that the baby does not feel uncomfortable and parents don't have to face any problem carrying them. Strollers are made to ease the problem of carrying babies and paining their hands.

Prams are the most common form of strollers. Perambulator or pram is a baby carriage used for carrying newborn babies. The baby lies down with their head facing the pusher. Since Victorian era prams have been being used in the UK. Over the years it has been a blessing for all mothers. The whole process of riding has become much easier. The baby feels comfortable riding on this child vehicle. The person pushing the pram undoubtedly finds it much easier than carrying their babies in hand. The prams of 1970s came with a detachable body known as a carrycot. Nowadays prams are rarely used. Being large and expensive this form of baby carriage ceased to exist. Silver Cross is one of the best brands of prams in the UK. The product was first manufactured in 1877, in Guiseley, near Leeds. Later on the factory has been closed down.

Stroller or Pushchair is the different names of the same baby vehicle. The British call those the Pushchairs, while the North Americans call those the Stroller (British English). The child needs to sit inside strollers in sitting posture. The child faces forwards.

were popularly called Pushchair in the UK till the early 1980s. Suddenly a more compact design came to the fore which was light and was made with a simpler engineering form and was named as buggy. Within a short period of time it became the trend of the day. More over, the collapsible aluminum frame made it much more convenient to carry. This form of strollers were first designed and patented by the British aeronautical designer Owen Maclaren buggy. 1965 was the year when this style of strollers was first designed. In American English buggy is almost synonymous with the word baby carriage itself. Newer versions of strollers can definitely be configured to carry a baby lying down or sitting. The modern day twin pushchairs are stylish and comfortable at the same time. These are manufactured mostly keeping the twin babies in mind.

Triple pushchair strollers are an innovation of more recent time. Most of the triple buggies have a weight limit of 50kg and are recommended to be used for children up to 4 years of age.

Theydeserveit has a lot of information regarding strollers. Browse through the other pages on Theydeserveit to know more about other types of baby gift items.

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