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Big Brother Gift Ideas

Big brother is the proud brother of a new baby girl or boy. Since the "big" brother is usually not so big, he still may be a toddler himself; giving him a special gift at an occasion where his role as a elder brother is highlighted, would make him feel special and needed. They may feel neglected sometimes, so whether you are the elated family's close friend or relative, don't forget to take a gift for big brother while visiting to see the new born.

You can take anything for the big brother like a pack of chocolates, juice can set, a video game or animated movie CD. We still have some unique big brother gift ideas:

The Busy Big Bro Kit
Give the Big Bro something more than just a new baby! With this adorable backpack prepare him for his new role as Big Bro, stuffed full of goodies to keep him busy! The backpack includes big bro 3/4 sleeve baseball t-shirt, die cast airplane with pullback action, and coloring greeting card from big brother to baby, pack of 8 oversized crayons and a large lollipop. All this come packaged in special "Big Bro" backpack. A fun-filled gift for the big brother!

Big Brother Guide Book
"There's A Brand-new Baby At Our House And.I'm The Big Brother!" an interactive book that will help an older brother feel that he has an important role in welcoming the new baby into the family. With sections on All About Me; Getting to Know Baby; My Pets; and much more, older siblings will share their favorite Bible stories and songs, favorite foods, special toys, photos, drawings and other fun information. Written in an illustrative and simple language, it's also the best way to keep the big brother busy when the new baby needs more attention!!

Balloon Cookies For Big Brother
Sometimes older siblings feel left out with all the attention being paid to the new baby. So a great, surprising way to let the older brother know that he is special is by giving him his own bouquet of decorated balloon cookies. These gourmet butter-crème cookies are freshly baked and hand-decorated. Tastefully arranged in a white ceramic mug that says "Big Brother" each cookie is approximately 4-5" tall, depending on cookie shape or design. This option is available online but you can even ask your local bakery shop to bake these for you! helps you find wonderful Big brother gift ideas that will surely prove useful to you while you are looking for a perfect gift for your elder brother.

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