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Fun Gifts For Brother

Boys will be boys! They just want to have fun- hang out with friends, attend parties, play pranks, ride their bikes or play their favorite sports. Whether you have an elder brother or a younger one, you are sure to have fun with them. They will play tricks on you or will not let you watch your favorite TV channel, hide your things or sometimes even blackmail you. Whatever they do, they never wish to harm you. All they mean is to have fun!

So for your special brother, try to be different and give him a fun gift. It can be anything from a gag gift, to a funny game, a funky tee or anything that your brother is sure to have fun with. If you can't think of anything unique, we have some fun gifts for brother:

Paint Ball Set
This is sure to be lot of fun for your toddler brother! He will sure have fun time with his friends outside, running, hiding, chasing and laughing! Choose a paintball set that is safe and sane alternative to higher-priced models. The predator pistols shoot biodegradable, water-soluble and non-toxic paintballs using simple lever power and no batteries or CO2 is required. This special set comes with two pistols, two paintball tubes, two pairs of safety goggles, target and paintballs.

Fun Moon Shoes
The moon shoes are the original mini trampolines made for feet so kids can jump with anti-gravity effects. These also help to develop balance and coordination. The wacky moon shoes are made of quality, high-density plastic, adjustable nylon straps with sure-footing and non-skid tread. They can hold a maximum total weight of 180 pounds. Your brother will love this!!

Shocking Lie Detector Game
This is extremely funny game for guys of all age! How it works? This lie detector can be strapped on anyone. Then ask that person a question and hope they answer truthfully because if they don't, they'll get a surprising electric shock! Don't worry; it is safe as it senses body temperature, moisture and other body levels. The more questions you ask, the more accurate its readings get. This is fun for high school going brothers. Avoid giving it to your little brother below 13 years of age. helps you find some of the best Fun gifts for brother with its tips on fun gifts.

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