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Business Anniversary Gifts

Business anniversaries represent the success your company has achieved and the hard work every single individual has put in. Thus it is essential that you celebrate the day well and make your colleagues feel special with some remarkable gifts:

Top 10 Corporate Anniversary Gift Ideas

The Corporates find anniversaries, the appropriate time to show their gratitude to their employees for hard work put in all through out the year.
  1. Fortune cookies:
    Fortune cookies made in either silver or gold are a highly preferred choice for this special day. These unique gifts have hinged backs where you can add your message of appreciation and encouragement for your colleagues or your respect and admiration for the way your boss has managed the company over the years.

  2. Business card holders:
    The business card holders are available in various types. If you are running the company and wish to impress your clients on this special day you can gift them with shining star business card holders. You can also add to the gift by making customized cards exclusively for this occasion and placing them in the card holder.

  3. Polka dotted tie bottle openers:
    The polka dotted tie shaped bottle openers are a great option in case you hold a lot of parties at your office. These simple yet exquisite gifts are ideal when it comes to opening the bottles in a short time.

  4. Laser pin light executive key chains:
    The laser pin light executive key chains are ideal gifts for your boss on the most special day for the organization that he has set up with his hard work and dedication. You can make it even better by engraving your company’s logo or a message that reflects the immense respect you have for him as a professional and as a person.

  5. Mini Gavel Sets:
    These gifts are ideal if you are working in a law firm. You can present your boss with these and decorate his desk. In case of other companies as well these gifts can be used as a symbol of the authority and influence yielded by your boss.

  6. Executive Kaleidoscopes:
    You can gift your employees with executive kaleidoscopes where he will be able to write his plans for a day. The silver kaleidoscopes are the finest available gifts in this category and also feature matching stands. These presents are ideal for employees who you think will play a major role in advancing your company’s future.

  7. Picture frame boxes:
    Picture frame boxes made from velvet and silver are highly recommended for occasions as memorable as a corporate anniversary. You can put pictures of special moments in the company’s history in them or engrave a special anecdote or message to make it even more special.

  8. Corporate classic paper weights:
    The corporate classic paper weights might be a simple choice for a gift but you can always make them even more endearing for your colleague or boss with a special message or company logo. These gifts also go well with people who have a sophisticated taste.

  9. Desk clock and picture frames:
    Desk clock and picture frames are a classic gift. You can place these on the desks of your boss or colleagues and put pictures of moments that are special to your company.

  10. Silver dumbbells in satin boxes:
    The sedentary lifestyle of your colleagues or your boss may be affecting their performance. The company anniversary day is the perfect occasion to present others with some exercise equipment and what better than a couple of silver dumbbells in satin boxes? With these gifts you will make sure that people in your organization stay fit and healthy and perform to the very best of their capabilities.

Last Updated On : September 30, 2011

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