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Theydeserveit >> Personalized Gifts >> Gifts for Dad >> Dad Gag Gifts

Dad Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are gifts of humor. They are generally meant to be funny so that the recipient can be either fooled or be laughed at. So the idea behind a gag gift is to laugh out loud, but sometimes gag gift can hurt as well. So make sure that you know exactly what you plan to do with the gag gift idea and to whom you want to give the surprise. Also what is important is that the recipient should have a common sense of humor about what you are going to "gag" him/her about. So gag gifts is a good alternative to the usual, age-old gifts and also they are bound to make such an impact on a person's mind that it will be remembered for a long time. So lighthearted, fun-filled gifts can be presented on any occasion and to anybody.

How about "gagging" your dad on his birthday or Christmas? No matter how old your dad, any time is good for gag gifts. Gag gifts can be wacky or just an idea, something not available commercially but you can find a lot of gag gifts options online. Some of the gag gifts for dad are:

  • Shock pen- your dad can use this trick on his colleagues for some fun at work. Just a minor electric shock on Father's Day or his birthday! Present it as an exquisite Parker pen so that your dad has no idea what's in store for him. It is also safe causing no harm at all.
  • Santa farting doll- a farting toy is a popular gag gift. But how often do you see a cute fat Santa farting and blurting out loud remarks? But this gag toy can say seven different funny phrases and toots whenever you pull his finger. This is sure to bring giggles to your dad on the Christmas Eve.
  • Exploding cigarette pack- this is for a dad who has been a smoker and is now trying to quit desperately. A cigarette pack that blast when he holds it. Whenever he will try to pick out a cigarette from this box it will go "Kaboom!" and will scare the wits out of him. Maybe this will help him get a fear of holding a cigarette pack again!
  • If your dad is retiring, it means a lot of time for him to relax. So a gad gift idea for your retiring dad will be a signboard that looks like a handicapped sign but that say "retired" with the date of his retirement. You can hang it in his car.
  • Gag t-shirts always work best for gag gifts. With funny cartoons and wacky one-liners, these t-shirts will bring smiles on the faces of onlookers. Your dad will be noticed and people will stop by to read the comment on his tee. You also get personalizing options if you order such t-shirts online.
  • Backwards clock- is your dad not so punctual? Show him what being on time at home means to you by giving him this watch that runs backward. Sure to puzzle your dad. All the numbers are anti-clockwise so it reflects a six-hour difference from the right time.

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