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Theydeserveit >> Personalized Gifts >> Gifts for Dad >> Gifts For Expectant Dad

Gifts For Expectant Dad

Baby showers are often designed to celebrate a pending birth and to give great starter gifts for the expectant parents to prepare for baby care. Since most baby showers are given for the expectant mom, little thought is given to the needs of the dad-to-be. Well if this is not the first time that the man is becoming a father, then chances are that he is aware of some of the ins and outs of parenting. But if this is the first time, then he definitely needs some help. So no matter what time it is, a gift for dad-to-be on the baby shower should be considered with a serious thought, as it is a proud moment for him too.

Some of the great gifts for expectant dad are:

Parenting Guides For Dad

Well he doesn't feel what it is to be pregnant, what it is to feel the moving baby inside the belly, but you can surely help him to get into the spirit of fatherhood by giving him some inspiring work to read on parenting. Some books provide great tips and other information concerning what to expect after a baby's birth. These helpful hints may inspire a newly expectant dad to be more involved earlier on. Some books are literally themed "survival manual for guys entering the trenches of fatherhood" teaches men all the things they really need to know about fatherhood. A parenting related magazine can be another alternative to books which will for sure answer the new dad's present and future questions.

If the dad-to-be is more of a lazy bum than a bookworm, you may give him a DVD on pregnancy and parenthood. He will definitely prefer watching a video to reading a parenting book and can learn and see some useful stuff about the pregnant mom and parenting tips.

Baby Sling Or Front Carrier
Many moms love to carry their children with them around the home or on errands. An over-the-should baby carrier/sling will help the new dad to bond more quickly with his newborn. It is also a great option for hands-free baby-toting. Babies love the feeling of being snuggled up close to a parent's warmth, and the ingeniously simple design leaves dad's arms free to do chores while his little one sits protected in a makeshift pouch.

Bring Back His Time
Another thoughtful and sentimental gift for the expectant dad would be a collection of some of his favorite children books and a gallery of pictures of his "baby years". If you can collect a few keepsakes or clothes that he used when he was a baby from his parents or relatives and make a presentation of that, your gift will surely bring tears in his eyes. He can start his baby's library off with the collection of his family favorites!

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