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Theydeserveit >> Personalized Gifts >> Gifts for Dad >> Homemade Father's Day Gifts

Homemade Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is a special day giving significance to one of our strongest and god-given relationship that is with our father. Such special days mean gifts and presents to mark the celebrations of the day. And when we think about giving gift to our dad on this occasion that is not as personal as his Birthday or Anniversary, we may find the task utterly

difficult. Well don't worry any further because we have some great ideas for Father's Day for which you don't have to go helter-skelter.

You may not want to tell your dad how much you care for him and love him, but a homemade gift for Father's day can express more that what words can convey. It shows your thoughtfulness and efforts in making the day special for your dad. Whether it's a handmade card, or a bouquet of flowers you made, a gift basket that you put yourself together, homemade gifts are always the best for such occasions. A couple of easy homemade gifts are given below:

All-Star Dad Box
Make your dad proud with this perfect gift that shows that he is your hero!

You need: Paintbrush; satin varnish, Black fine-tip permanent marking pen, photograph of your dad, Mat board (optional), Crafts glue, 4-3/4 x 4-3/4-inch papier-mache box with photo insert opening, Five 1-5/8-inch-diameter wood stars, Nine 1-1/4-inch-diameter wood stars, Ten 7/8-inch-diameter wood stars, Acrylic paints: bright gold, black, gold, yellow, and light yellow, and 3 x 3-inch piece of white card stock.

  • If you can't find a box with photo insert openings you can use a box with a plain lid and glue photo to top of lid and decorations around edges of photo.
  • If your photo is smaller than the lid frame opening, cut a piece of mat board to fit inside lid frame. In the center of mat board, cut an opening to accommodate your photo.
  • Remove the lid inset and set it aside. Now paint the surface of lid frame black and all surfaces of box base bright gold. Divide the stars into four groups of six assorted sizes each. Use black, gold, yellow, and light yellow to paint each group of stars a different color and let them dry.
  • Arrange 20 stars on lid frame, glue in place and let it dry. Now apply a coat of varnish to all outside surfaces of the decorated lid and to the four remaining stars.
  • Use fine-tip marking pen to letter "All-Star Dad!" on the card stock. Glue card stock to inside bottom of box and paste remaining stars on the card. Insert photo in lid frame and replace backing.
Key and Change Holder
This desktop accessory is a perfect way for your dad to think about your thoughtfulness in giving him something useful and a constant reminder of your presence!

You need: Cardboard, Button, Scissors, 5 colors of felt, Glue, Chenille stems, Clothespins and Wooden block.

  • Trace your hand onto the cardboard with your fingers spread wide apart and cut it out with scissors.
  • Now use this pattern to trace and cut two hands from the felt. Cut the fingers off of the cardboard hand, leaving only the palm.
  • Glue the cardboard palm on one of the felt hands and cut chenille stems to fit the length of the five fingers. Now place a line of glue on each finger, from the tip to the palm.
  • Put a chenille stem on each line of glue and spread glue on the entire surface of the second felt hand. Press it on to sandwich the cardboard palm and chenille stems. Use the clothespins to hold the hands together while they dry.
  • Cut two rectangles (1-1/2 by 3 inches) out of white felt as shirt cuffs and glue them on each side of the wrist section. Glue a button on one end of the top white rectangle.
  • Cover a wooden block with two pieces of felt for the top and bottom, and wrap another strip around the sides. Decorate the block with yarn and felt shapes.
  • Now remove the clothespins from the felt hand and bend the fingers up and glue the hand to the block. Your dad can keep his keys and change in it after coming back from the office and to pick it again in the morning!

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